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  1. Greetings The kit was made by Pro Resin. I obtained it At the IPMS Nationals at Columbus. Thanks for the compliments, Gil I'll still avoid the vacs. They sound simple but........
  2. Thank You Very Much I do not think I could attempt the Vac Path Thanks for the compliments
  3. Thanks Guys The finish was Alclad Stainless Steel over decanted and thinned Tamiya Spray gloss Black
  4. I fell in love with the actual aircraft when visiting the UK and seeing it at Cosford museum . I believe you can see Concorde & SR 71 from this aircraft. I hope to have the build article in Hyperscale in the future.
  5. Greetings My first post here. Working on a British Phantom and awaiting decals from Hannants..."PATIENCE" Phantom Cover
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