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  1. I printed the squadron emblem on my P3 on a HP inkjet printer and white decal Paper,coated with Testors gloss coat and used microset and Sol for applications. I was very happy with the Results. Good Luck
  2. Thanks Guys I will try and post photos of ownrs next wk when presented. Safe and Happy Holiday
  3. Thanks They were thin but I was very Gentle
  4. Thanks MarK Truly enjoyed this build It was tuff staying away from the Korean markings (Lots of Yellow stripes)
  5. Thanks for the compliments Shine is Not difficult Gloss Black Tamiya Undercoat, Alclad Polished Aluminum, Clearcoated with Testors lacquer Gloss clear
  6. Greetings Here are a few photos of my last build of 2009. This is a Christmas present for a co-workers brother. Rapid Build and thanks to some IPMS brothers Ed & Barry PS THIS IS A SURPRISE SSSSHHHH Custom Tail emblem and Custom tail codes Squadron Emblem HAPPY HOLIDAYS Bill
  7. Thanks for All the compliments
  8. Thanks Guys I screwed up the Photo post and didnt notice Last picture Should be this Photo
  9. Here are some photos of my recent (Today) project Modified the Kit canopy Resin seat,tires, and some interior panels Polished Aluminum,Aluminum, and Stainless Steel Alclad over Tamiya Gloss Black Fancy F-86 Decals
  10. Greetings The kit was made by Pro Resin. I obtained it At the IPMS Nationals at Columbus. Thanks for the compliments, Gil I'll still avoid the vacs. They sound simple but........
  11. Thank You Very Much I do not think I could attempt the Vac Path Thanks for the compliments
  12. Thanks Guys The finish was Alclad Stainless Steel over decanted and thinned Tamiya Spray gloss Black
  13. I fell in love with the actual aircraft when visiting the UK and seeing it at Cosford museum . I believe you can see Concorde & SR 71 from this aircraft. I hope to have the build article in Hyperscale in the future.
  14. Greetings My first post here. Working on a British Phantom and awaiting decals from Hannants..."PATIENCE" Phantom Cover
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