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  1. Greetings 1/72nd Scale ICM 109E-3 is completed. Tamiya 1/72nd spitfir MkI under way. 109 Photos (obviously)
  2. Fantastic build Gil Great looking Hurricane May I ask the pilot of that aircraft? Seems familiar. Cheers Bill
  3. Heres 109E as of Today Decals and 1st coat of Future
  4. Being a new guy to this Group build posting,am I committing major taboo by posting Build photos ? Let me know? Here is my 109 RLM 02 and 65 in -progress
  5. ICM 109E-3 1/72nd scale out of Box (cept decals) Tape belts
  6. Thanks Guys My references don not show a lot of "stuff on the top during the B.O.B. Will probably leave It Thanks again PS.. ICM 1/72nd 109 E under way...Great Fathers day action
  7. Greetings Thanks Guys for the compliments The canopy frame is done with thin sliced and painted decals. Completed model below. Not sure on how much weathering to add. Exhaust is only weathering at this point. Comments appreciated.
  8. Greetings Ju 88 is moving along, Spit and 109 sitting on bench
  9. Thanks Gil One day for bottom and one day for Top. Hair dryer for Testors RLM 71 and let the Gunze RLM 70 go overnight before Future
  10. Ju 88 Progress Masking Clever German camo designers trying to drive the modellers nuts Next Step Future Decals complete
  11. Greetings a Few WIP shots of the Ju 88A1 Finally Top is complete and Future has been added and Drying. More photos later Cheers
  12. Greetings all I would love to join in on this I have started a JU88A-1,just a backdate of a 1/72nd AMTech JU-88. I have plans for a 109E-3 and a Spitfire MKI I'll post some photos of JU-88 later Thanks Bill
  13. Thanks Guys I did open the canopy and inserted some resin interior stuff just some bits and pieces. I am afraid I cannot remember whose decal sheet I used, Sorry Is the P-40 available?
  14. Look forward to the P-40 Here is my Pegasus Spitfire Mk I Added a few items to the interior but basic kit was the start. New decals were mandatory.
  15. Gil The fusalage is one piece. two side panel inserts,the wings are single pieces and there is only about twenty parts total. Thanks for the compliments guys
  16. This was a nice kit to build and decal. Construction was simple with good fit across the board. Finish is Alclad over Tamiya gloss black. Decals are from the kit and some of the best I have ever used. Canopy was a little fogggy (only flaw) Cheers
  17. How about Battle of Britain 70th anniversary and what! Started on a JU88 A1 Plans for 109E-3 & Spitfire MK I Received a perfect decal sheet from engand for B.O.B
  18. Good to see your back building James
  19. wdedig

    Monogram F-117

    Thanks Guys This was fun and I stayed away from the Black....Very scary color(for me) Thanks again
  20. wdedig

    Monogram F-117

    Thanks I used Alclad Burnt metal, kind of copperish color. I weathered with Tamiya Blue and Soot from their weathering Kits
  21. wdedig

    Monogram F-117

    Greetings Here are a few photos of the recently completed 1/48th Monogram F-117. Fun build,challenging, but definetly not your everday Black OPs Resin Interior,Kit Photoetched grills, Testor Acrylics,TWO BOBS markings Thanks for viewing Thanks
  22. Thanks for the Compliments. This Aircraft was straight out of box,other than invisible thread antenna.
  23. Thanks it was my Pleasure
  24. Senior Chief Petty Officer Randy Preston with 2009 Christmas and Birthday Gift Congradulations on Your retirement and notice Hands in Lap for Young Kyle
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