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  1. Looks like the nose piece went on nice & clean. That one is usually an eye-catching disaster for me. Did you use any special techniques there?


    Actually the front clear parts went on with almost no fit problems.smiley20.gif


    I future'd them back in December and they came out very nice. My first task when building aviation is to future the clear pieces.

    Thanks for the commentssmiley17.gifsmiley17.gif

  2. I've always liked the Marauder, and built that kit back in the 80's. As I recall, the cowlings were the toughest work, and the fit overall was not one of Monogram's better efforts. Still, the provided detail is very good even by today's standards and the overall shape looks great. I've seen some really nice models built form that kit with some elbow grease and old-school skills. I look forward to seeing your progress!


    GIL :smiley16:


    Thanks Gil

    Your right the nacelles are brutal. But thats what we have Modeling skills for ,Right?

    Will post updates during Holiday Break


  3. Thanks, Dick, Mark and Bill.


    Mark, you'd like this kit...simplistic, but it has better surface detail than you'd think. I added some IP & side console decals from the spares box, just so the cockpit wouldn't be so bare.


    Bill...that is NICE!! Hartmann's ride, from the numbers. Beautiful work!


    Correct on Hartmann. Fun little kit

    A couple of weeks on the bench and a little Alclad


    Thanks for the compliments..How about alink to your airbrush article?


    Bill :smiley17:

  4. Thanks Guys

    1/48th Hasagawa Kit with the Mexico AeroMaster Decal sheet.

    Finish was Alclad, mostly Polished Aluminum over Tamiya Gloss Black base. The stripes are painted the white is the kit decals for outlining the black stripes.

    Thanks again

  5. I have finally completed all 5 models for this build :smiley20: :smiley20:

    sorry a little late for the August Deadline

    The Special Hobby Blenheim was the Last model






    Here are the other 4


    AZ Model Hurricane



    Tamiya Spitfire



    Converted Ju 88A-1




    ICM ME109E-3



    Fun and quite challenging with the limited run Kits




  6. Greetings All

    Dick Very nice Stuka. I have to say I have never built one( something about that Plane :smiley23:


    Here is my last plane for this build. I hope to accomplish by the end of August deadline , but I'm not hopefull :smiley22:





    Started components



  7. OK, who are you, what did you do with Bill, and what happened to that AZ Hurricane? That model looks much too nice to have come from that lump of short-run plastic shown earlier! :smiley2:


    GREAT work! :smiley20:


    GIL :smiley16:


    A little Glue,Lots of sanding sticks and some magic pixie dust(future) and presto. I never want to hear anybody say, just a simple swipe with a sanding stick.


    Blenheim moving along..need more sanding sticks


    Thanks again

  8. Bill,


    Very nice job. I am considering starting one in the future. I'd love to hear more aobut what you experienced with the AZ Hurricane.

    Thanks David

    I will supply more details when I have completed all 5 models for this Group build.


    I will say it was challenging,but not hopeless. Just shaking out some basic model skills





  9. Nice

    Just checking.

    I,m afraid personal issues will keep me from Phoenix and the show. SOOOO more effort for Battle of Britain. :smiley19::smiley19:


    Spitfire needs some decent wing walk decals. in mail.


    Polish Hurricane and Blenheim are in the bullpen. :smiley13:

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