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  1. Greetings Timing is amazing Here is my version of the Hobbyboss kit. Out of Box with some custom numbers
  2. wdedig

    Completed P-47

    Thanks Guys 1/48th Hasagawa Kit with the Mexico AeroMaster Decal sheet. Finish was Alclad, mostly Polished Aluminum over Tamiya Gloss Black base. The stripes are painted the white is the kit decals for outlining the black stripes. Thanks again
  3. wdedig

    Completed P-47

    Couple of Photos of P-47 from Mexican Air Force attached to USAAF in the Philippines and Comments welcome Bill
  4. thanks Gil Might be a collection entry at Region 2 in October. Cheers
  5. I have finally completed all 5 models for this build :smiley20: sorry a little late for the August Deadline The Special Hobby Blenheim was the Last model and Finally Here are the other 4 AZ Model Hurricane Tamiya Spitfire Converted Ju 88A-1 ICM ME109E-3 Fun and quite challenging with the limited run Kits Cheers
  6. The blenheim is a challenge to say the least. But moving along Will not make 31 August for the Group Build , but shooting for 15 October for Region 2 Show Cheers
  7. Greetings All Dick Very nice Stuka. I have to say I have never built one( something about that Plane Here is my last plane for this build. I hope to accomplish by the end of August deadline , but I'm not hopefull Started components
  8. A little Glue,Lots of sanding sticks and some magic pixie dust(future) and presto. I never want to hear anybody say, just a simple swipe with a sanding stick. Blenheim moving along..need more sanding sticks Thanks again
  9. Thanks David I will supply more details when I have completed all 5 models for this Group build. I will say it was challenging,but not hopeless. Just shaking out some basic model skills Cheers Bill
  10. I have completed the AZ Model 1/72nd Hurricane. A bit of a challenge ,but what the Heck. Blenheim looks to be the same type of challenge Hurricane photos
  11. I know most are packing for NAts ...But Spitfire is complete 1/72nd Tamiya Out of Box. aftermarket Decals Hurricane is 75 % Blenheim in bullpen Cheers
  12. I couldn't agree with you more. Threw the glue in the Tamiya box and shook.Out popped the Spit. The AZ just laughed at me. Good challenge for a modeler. Thanks Gil PS enjoy Phoenix.
  13. Moving Along Spitfire 99% AZ Model Hurricane MK I Some Build Photos Flash More Flash Wing detail Improvements Before After 1/72nd Hurricane Cheers
  14. Nice Just checking. I,m afraid personal issues will keep me from Phoenix and the show. SOOOO more effort for Battle of Britain. Spitfire needs some decent wing walk decals. in mail. Polish Hurricane and Blenheim are in the bullpen.
  15. Decals smoothed out I used Future May I ask if you know what happened to the other builds for this Group build? Cheers Bill
  16. Greetings Progress moves on 1/72nd Tamiya Spitfire Don't let the wrinkly decals scare you Moving On
  17. Thanks Gil The oversprayed wing markings are called for on the reference sheet for the 109 from JG51 based in France in August 1940. The reference for this aircraft called for the subdoing of the wing markings with RLM O2. these instructions came from the excellent decal sheet on Battle of Britain from Southern Expo model club in England. They are fantastic decals and great instructions. I posted the 109 profiles earlier. The little cone like insulators were constructed based on a technique explained to me by Barry Numerick. Take a thick piece of Plastic and a small needle, heat the needle and slowly push it through. The needle cools as it goes through the plastica but retains enough heat to form a small cone on the opposite side. Slice off with a straight razor and the hole is already throgh the cone from the needle. I practiced on about 15 to get 2 good ones. Cheers
  18. Greetings 1/72nd Scale ICM 109E-3 is completed. Tamiya 1/72nd spitfir MkI under way. 109 Photos (obviously)
  19. Fantastic build Gil Great looking Hurricane May I ask the pilot of that aircraft? Seems familiar. Cheers Bill
  20. Heres 109E as of Today Decals and 1st coat of Future
  21. Being a new guy to this Group build posting,am I committing major taboo by posting Build photos ? Let me know? Here is my 109 RLM 02 and 65 in -progress
  22. ICM 109E-3 1/72nd scale out of Box (cept decals) Tape belts
  23. Thanks Guys My references don not show a lot of "stuff on the top during the B.O.B. Will probably leave It Thanks again PS.. ICM 1/72nd 109 E under way...Great Fathers day action
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