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  1. Great job!!! You sure made the intakes blend into the fuselage. Great work all around.


    Thanks for the compliments Guys

    This aircraft goes way into lessons learned. I did have a passion for the project and thats what keeps me involved.

    Thanks again for the comments and next project is 1/72nd scale.



  2. The Beat Goes On.. Few little details I like

    MV Lenses for Formation lights after boring out the raised bumps in the plastic




    Futured Aircraft. The red looks discolored but it is not, just weird photo effects






    The black will be Alclad in the engine area...Painted the black then Futured it .We will see


    PS This is a LARGE aircraft in 48th



  3. I was stationed at Galena for a year and I saw this photo and had the Encore Kit.

    New project

    From the start I am not concerned about Case XX vs Case X wings.

    This from Galena Alaska




    Some Resin Challenges

    Notice the Gap between resin and Plastic




    Very Nice Seat






    Very Nice Photo Etched Instruments




    Main body




    Will update as progress allows


    Thanks for viewing


  4. Nice hard edge.....was that masked or freehand?


    The edging was rolled "Blue Tak" putty and filled in with tape to avoid overspray. I felt in this scale the edges should lean toward the harder side.


    In the process of decals underneath first to test the decals and sludge-wash for some of the great panel details. Photos later.

    Thanks for Asking :smiley14:

  5. Officially "OFF THE BENCH"

    A classic Monogram 3footer...!!!smiley17.gif


    She is finished and battled all the way

    Any Interior work is worthless(cant See it)

    Engines are resin and wired..(Cant see them)


    Gunze, Alclad, Testors DullCoat and Tamiya weathering kits







    I love the MV blue lenses



    Love the Photo-etched barrels




    Any and All comments welcome

  6. Nice work, what did you use for your NMF? I am inspired to have another go at my old monogram B-26, thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to seeing your next update.:smiley32:




    I used Alclad "Polished Aluminum" over the Alclad Gloss Black Primer. Thinned Primmer way down for a smotth Finish

    Staring to reward me for the 3 month effort


    will keep this topic posted...I can see the light at the end of the tunnel :smiley16:

  7. Thanks Gil

    I made huge mistake and applied Testors Gloss coat over the enamel OD.:smiley13: :smiley13: After serious bad reactions .I am now removing all the OD paint on the upper surface.:smiley19:

    Trying Mr Color paint remover for first time..So far looks very effective .May have to publish some comments after using this stuff. I had never heard of it.


    Try a cheap brand paper towel (not the cloth Bounty type). It should smooth the paint a bit without really removing much.


    GIL :smiley16:

  8. Looks like the nose piece went on nice & clean. That one is usually an eye-catching disaster for me. Did you use any special techniques there?


    Actually the front clear parts went on with almost no fit problems.smiley20.gif


    I future'd them back in December and they came out very nice. My first task when building aviation is to future the clear pieces.

    Thanks for the commentssmiley17.gifsmiley17.gif

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