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  1. 1/72nd Heller Saab Lansen Basic Build out of box Completed yesterday morning after Christmas celebration. Thanks for viewing Bill
  2. Thanks for the compliments guys. B.O.B. collection grows one stronger. Cheers Bill
  3. She is complete I accomplished some Pastel dusting tonight but did not Photo Yet. Comments always welcome Bill
  4. That Is a VERY Nice piece of work. Well Done
  5. Thanks Guys The Canopy and lower clear parts are masked with Bare Metal foil hand cut on canopy,raised panels were very helpful. Monogram canopy was very clear. I used Testor acrylics for RLM 65 and RLM 71, and I used Gunze for RLM 70. Waiting a few days for the Paints to cure before futuring. Thanks for Comments Bill
  6. A few updates: Japanese tape consumption Some Bits. Used Baremetal Foil around the prop bases Now waiting a few days for the Gunze RLM 70 to cure before futuring...2-3 days I hope will be enough. Comments always welcome Bill
  7. Greetings Started painting tonight,but heres a few construction notes: Starting Point Photoetched interior Canopy Basic Body And the beat goes on Cheers Bill
  8. I like it. May I ask what yellow you chose?
  9. Thanks Again Guys Off to next Project
  10. Thanks for the comments Guys This is the Hobbycraft Kit. The paints were all Testors Acrylics thinned with Tamiya thinner. Final coating was Testors Spray "Lusterless" decanted and thinned with lacquer thinner before airbrushing. I made the intake covers,H.U.D. ,Seat straps. It does have a soft interior but with the hood down you really can't see anything. Thanks for the comments on the Bugaboos. That was some masking residue and I brushed it off. Thats all I added. Cheers Bill
  11. This was not as bad of kit as many forum posters would have you believe. I am not about accuracy so >>>>Looks like a Skyhawk to me. Really cool markings Comments always welcome Bill
  12. Thank You guys for the comments Appreciated Bill
  13. Here are some photos of a Texan built to present to a friend of mine whose father is in the back seat. The kit was out of Box and I used Alclad for the the finish. Left all those wonderful rivets proud. Cheers Actual Photo MonogramModel Ignore Seam...My rush for completion Comments always welcome Bill
  14. Very Nice work Gil...I do question that Pink background Nice Bill
  15. Myself and a few other Guys in Black from Pittsburgh. Arrive Wednesday
  16. Thanks for the compliments Guys This aircraft goes way into lessons learned. I did have a passion for the project and thats what keeps me involved. Thanks again for the comments and next project is 1/72nd scale. Cheers Bill
  17. She is Finished and what a LARGE plane this is I am in the process of writing a build article Comments are welcome Thanks for viewing
  18. The Beat Goes On.. Few little details I like MV Lenses for Formation lights after boring out the raised bumps in the plastic Futured Aircraft. The red looks discolored but it is not, just weird photo effects The black will be Alclad in the engine area...Painted the black then Futured it .We will see PS This is a LARGE aircraft in 48th Cheers Bill
  19. Thanks Guys Yes it is the Monogram Kit, and includes all its challenges plus the resin pieces also. This is not a Shake and bake........More like a Hope and Pray. First coat of primer showed some serious challenges. More updates may take awhile. Cheers Bill
  20. I was stationed at Galena for a year and I saw this photo and had the Encore Kit. New project From the start I am not concerned about Case XX vs Case X wings. This from Galena Alaska Some Resin Challenges Notice the Gap between resin and Plastic Very Nice Seat Very Nice Photo Etched Instruments Main body Will update as progress allows Thanks for viewing Bill
  21. Nice Kit, Super Decals, Simple paint scheme Life is Good Comments Welcome Thanks for viewing
  22. Thanks Guys The final finish was a Satin Lacquer from Testors. More flat than gloss but ended with a good finish. Future was way to glossy for 1/72nd Thanks Again
  23. I have completed the 1/72nd Scale Revell of Germany Mirage 2000 in Tiger markings. Nice and simple build Large decal on spine was the biggest challenge. Comments welcome Thanks for Looking
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