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  1. Hello All I am constructing a1/48th Israeli F-4E with very large Star of David markings. These came in Isradecals IAF-59. However I cannot find any reference to the topside marking placements or stencils applied to this aircraft. If anybody has any suggestions I would appreciate them. I have Googled the Internet with no success and I tried contacting ISRAdecals last week, with no reply from them.(bit disapointing) Thanks Bill
  2. I replied Last Night,But OH well This is an Anniversary Scheme for 1000 hrs for 72nd Gruppo, The Intake cover is a Kleenex Tissue soaked in water and white glue, formed around the intake,allowed to dry and cut to shape. Painted then re-installed after model completion. Cheers Bill
  3. Thank You Sir Challenging build with a eye caching end-result. .Not your fathers gray F-16 Bill
  4. Greetings Here is a mostly Out of Box (Intake cover,Anti statics,seat belts) F-16 from the 1000 hr special anniversary scheme. Fun Build Comments welcome Bill
  5. Thanks Gil The supports are wooden sections. I sanded toothpicks flat on both sides and drilled holes and attached the rigging wires. I have submitted a build article to Hyperscale. Hope to see it . Cheers Bill Thanks for looking
  6. Completed Yesterday I have a complete article submitted to Hyperscale for more details. Challenging Build,but I am happy with the final results Comments always welcome Bill
  7. Hey Gil Lucky for me no warpage except the wing struts. I replaced them with plastic struts I had Cheers Bill
  8. The Ansaldo A.1 Balilla was a key part of the 1920s era with the Poles flying quite a few of these. I had never been able to find a 1/48th scale kit of this aircraft. Thanks to the WW I SiG in Telford I obtained the Karaya Ansaldo A.1 Balilla resin kit. Great details but still a resin biplane. Lucky for me there are a couple of posts on the Internet regarding this aircraft and were of great help Using Wood Grain decals for the main parts How to determine wood grain and tone...ScrSince there was wood grain needed I had to do some testing Main Fuselage painted and waiting Future Wings with Brackets Some details Cheers Bill Thanks For Looking
  9. Gil... That is one fine looking Project..I describe Vacforms as Projects because I envy those who have the skills to accomplish them. You have accomplished with a flourish..VERY NICE
  10. Hello This is a model built because a a cool publication,Kagero BF-109 A-D. I used the decals included with this publication. I have found the decals with all the Kagero Publications to be very well done and great to use. Same on this one. I used Gunze paints RLM 70/71/65 and sealed with Future and final coated with Testors rattle can decanted Flat& Semi gloss mixed. The nose was a resin insert from Mr Barry Numerick and came from the Classic airframes BF-109. I used Eduard pre-painted seat belts. I corrected a few items such as fuel filler and rear antenna connection. Fun Build. Comments welcome Bill
  11. Thanks This is Part of My American designs in IDF service Completed F-15,A-4 and P-51 To do F-4E and F-16B Cheers Bill
  12. Mark You can finish it. I am sure if I didn't screw it to bad your skill can more than accomplish. Thanks for all the compliments Cheers Bill
  13. Just a basic Kit build with Eduard Seat belts and some pastel weathering Alclad Finish Hasagawa un-cuffed props and nose Easy Line antenna Testors decanted Semi-Gloss and Flat Rattle Can mix Thanks For Looking BIll Dedig
  14. Yes 1/48th. This is the Special Eduard Release and the special parts are Great. Cheers Bill
  15. Eduard MIG-29 (Academy Kit) Special edition. Great details,Great Decals, Great Resin I also used Airies Resin Exhausts Thanks for Looking Comments are always welcome Bill
  16. Thanks Guys Will be on the road for a few days but will post reference shot upon return Cheers Bill
  17. Fathers day Free time..Completed the HE-111 Thanks For Viewing Comments always welcome Bill :smiley4:
  18. Thanks Gil The Specific aircraft decals are from Kagaro, The insignia is a mix of Kit decals and spares Box. We march on Thanks again :D :D
  19. German Bomber with Artwork..Rare,But cool Tail Markings also...wow Cheers Bill
  20. Thanks Guys Future is on and curing. Photo now is much different than the Flat above. . will post after some decal work is accomplished. Thanks again
  21. Used Revel of Germany Aqua Color paints for first time on a He-111P from Hasagawa. Much less contrast than my usage of Testors RLM 71 and Gunze RLM 70. Compare completed Stuka to just painted Heinkel will post as progress allows Cheers Bill :smiley14:
  22. wdedig

    1/72nd Stuka

    Thanks Guys This is the Fujimi kit with Cobra Interior. The frames are decal strips. Much easier than masking in 72nd scale On to the HE 111 Thanks Again Bill
  23. wdedig

    1/72nd Stuka

    Greetings Completed today using Cobra interior,Vac-form canopy,Testors & Gunze Paints, Kagaro decals from "Battle of Britain" pub Comments Always welcome On to the last Battle of Britain model, HE 111 Thanks for looking Bill
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