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  1. Hey Gil McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle (Hebrew nickname: 'Baz' ('Falcon')) Cheers Bill
  2. Thanks Gill Let's see if any of our IPMSers will save me a trip to Google Cheers Bill
  3. At the decalling stage mostly on,but allowing to dry before second coating of "Future" Isra decals and Resin Interior Testor Acrylic Paints and a biz-zillion stencils Hoping to Jazz up a Grey airplane...we will see These are the burner cans that came with the "special Hasagawa F-15C along metal gear, Ok some assembly and Painting More Photos when Complete Cheers Bill
  4. wdedig

    Sword P-47N

    Thanks Gil Sometime just a simple build gets me refocused Cheers Bill
  5. wdedig

    Sword P-47N

    Thanks guys Finish is gloss blak primer with Airframe Aluminum Alclad base. A little polished Aluminum on the control surfaces for some contrast. Overcoated with Alclad Acrylic gloss. Strictly simple build Bill
  6. wdedig

    Sword P-47N

    Hello Finished a few weeks ago and forgot to post here. Fun Build nice detail ,especially the surface detail Very Shiny Pacific Scheme Guns are parallel to ground..I read this kit was otherwise? Complete "out of box" including kit decals Nice Nose "ART" Thanks for Looking Bill
  7. Thanks Guys Figured it might be a clean ride in 1941 Cheers Bill
  8. Thank you very much for the feedback guys I have posted a build of the B-26 on 72nd Scale Forum. http://z15.invisionfree.com/72nd_Aircraft/index.php?showtopic=4229 I have also submitted a build article to Brett Green for Hyperscale. If more info needed please let me know Thanks Bill Dedig
  9. Hello Gil The finish is Polished Aluminum Alclad over a gloss black Tamiya decanted spray primer. This a early short wing bird and that's why I used the Monogram kit Cheers Bill
  10. Hello This was completed yesterday and I am now completely grey haired. Cheers Bill Start Point Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays
  11. Thanks for all the feedback. Next jet will be a F-16B in 1/48 th. Cheers Bill
  12. Mark You have my permission. I f you want more let me know Thanks Bill
  13. Mark guide me again please. The link didn't function Cheers Bill
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys..Gil,now you see why I was looking for more references. They are big Cheers Bill :Smile_sceptic:
  15. Here are a couple of Photos from my Israeli F-4E Kurnass Used Eagle Designs Kurnass upgrade Resin Intake Covers Comments Welcome Bill
  16. There are markings for the" One " squadron and the " Bat" squadron. The small picture on the instruction sheet shows using the large stars on a "One" squadron aircraft. These had a red rudder with a blue and white chevron. There are instructions for all the stencils but not much on the layout of the upper markings. Again any help would be appreciated. Bill
  17. Thanks Gil I have tried to find some upper markings layout for the scheme with the large stars. The stencils should not be a problem but the layout of the markings is a concern. I will try to and find something for references. Thanks again Gil
  18. Hello All I am constructing a1/48th Israeli F-4E with very large Star of David markings. These came in Isradecals IAF-59. However I cannot find any reference to the topside marking placements or stencils applied to this aircraft. If anybody has any suggestions I would appreciate them. I have Googled the Internet with no success and I tried contacting ISRAdecals last week, with no reply from them.(bit disapointing) Thanks Bill
  19. I replied Last Night,But OH well This is an Anniversary Scheme for 1000 hrs for 72nd Gruppo, The Intake cover is a Kleenex Tissue soaked in water and white glue, formed around the intake,allowed to dry and cut to shape. Painted then re-installed after model completion. Cheers Bill
  20. Thank You Sir Challenging build with a eye caching end-result. .Not your fathers gray F-16 Bill
  21. Greetings Here is a mostly Out of Box (Intake cover,Anti statics,seat belts) F-16 from the 1000 hr special anniversary scheme. Fun Build Comments welcome Bill
  22. Thanks Gil The supports are wooden sections. I sanded toothpicks flat on both sides and drilled holes and attached the rigging wires. I have submitted a build article to Hyperscale. Hope to see it . Cheers Bill Thanks for looking
  23. Completed Yesterday I have a complete article submitted to Hyperscale for more details. Challenging Build,but I am happy with the final results Comments always welcome Bill
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