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  1. Greetings in process of completing a build article on this plane but thought I would share a few pictures. 1/48th Nichimo Ki-45 with lots of work done to a pretty nice old kit. Thanks for Looking Bill
  2. Gil This model was Very well engineered, Great Fit, Beautiful Surface Detail and well worth the money. The construction was a piece of cake. I created my own issues on the finish. Still, Looks OK, Could have been better based on the kit. Cheers Bill
  3. This is a very nice kit that the more I touched the more I !@@#$%^&& up. Still the Photos came out OK. I have to say ..Barry comments about this scheme being "best" are B) B) 1960s B/W Photo Alclad Exhaust General Photos Thanks For Looking Bill
  4. wdedig

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    Thanks Mine almost looked like that during the Build challenge Cheers Bill
  5. wdedig

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    Thanks I could have sworn I had photos from USAF Museum in Dayton? But now that you mention,Maybe I got them from Web/// Getting forgetful Thanks Again Bill
  6. wdedig

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    Thanks Gill Will continue to ponder,but leaning toward not touching Bill
  7. wdedig

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    Thanks Gil You are correct. Czechmodels kit. Beautiful Resin Interior but lots of fit issues with the majority of the build. The vacu-form canopy was really clear but I am still deciding about cutting it open. I hate messing with a finished project. Cheers Bill
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    Greetings just haven't see many of these built so I said what the heck lets invest a little time. No theme just a bit of fun and something different. Challenging build, simple paint scheme Gunze paints Comments are Always welcome Bill
  9. Thanks Guys..I am happy with her and tried some new techniques. 2-part epoxy for wing lights,Stretched sprue for the engine panel hinge,
  10. Completed Tonight even though it is a Hockey night for Pittsburgh Photo from Book ...Hope we can Post Figured aircraft in Africa would be dusty so most weathering is pastel sand dust Thanks For Looking
  11. Greetings Finally off the road and got some painting done. These are Gunze colors ,but Instead of Future clear I went with the Testors rattle can Gloss Lacquer Clear. "Wet Look" is what it is titled and I sprayed right from can. I have had issues in the past with Future and Gunze and I wanted to find an option. I am very happy with this clear coating. Broke up the RLM 79 with a few drops of white She sure is shinny. Now I have to keep my hands off for a day and let her dry/cure Thanks for Looking Bill
  12. As I am traveling, my workbench is gathering dust. I have gone through all the necessary build steps(in my head) just need to get to basement. Cheers Bill
  13. Mark Are those the decals from Last Years Nats?
  14. Greetings Guys The book is my reason for this build . Great read and super story. The African aircraft photo in the book is the guide for my build. This is the older Airfix BF 109F. Good Shape and fairly easy construction. Gil I will have to say there have been some "consultations" with Mr Numerick regarding this build. I wish I could blame him for the mistakes along the way ,but those are mine alone. Barry has given me some great input on the 109F aircraft.
  15. Started this a few weeks ago and have been traveling to much A few progress notes Added a hinge (Stretched sprue on the front engine panel center line, highlighted some panels, added resin Interior (was dumb the kit interior was just fine.Stupid AMS) Enhanced the Trop filter with some mesh and pre-shaded the piano hinge on top Did some corrections on the cooler scoop on the bottom, Painted the white parts,Nose,fuselage band,Wing tips, and painted Yellow lower panel. Time to post and allow drying.
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    Couple of things I'll note: 1. lots more modeling forums nowadays ,international like Hyperscale and ARC, Scale related like 72nd scale, topic related like USAF SIG, And the list goes on. 2. Modelers themselves,like my club in Pittsburgh A. 1/3 are IPMS members B. 1/3 of those build regular C. 90% of those do very little posting and photos. Just some non-scientific breakdowns and my opinions on limited posting seen As for me. I post my stuff here, 1/72nd Modeller,ARC and Hyperscale . I average about a completion every 3 months. Not much to keep the forums filled. Cheers Bill
  17. Thanks Ken..ps would love to see info on your P-40. Beautiful model Cheers Bill
  18. Thanks I believe I have to choose either F-16 B to a Sufa or F-16D to a Barak I think those are right. Picked up a F-16 D Hasagawa this weekend at the Pittsburgh show. All 1/48 Thanks Bill
  19. Thanks For positive comments Guys Cheers Bill
  20. Thanks Mark Next F-16B will be back to desert scheme Cheers Bill
  21. Challenging Build But hey thats Modelling Love Those "Cans" Comments always Welcome Cheers Bill :D
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