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  1. Aves is your friend. The stuff is phenomenal. It can be thinned with water, smoothed out with a wet fingertip, sanded or machined when dry, it's tough as nails, and doesn't shrink. Excellent filler and sculpting medium. Once you use it, you'll never go back to traditional putties...
  2. Also, I'm willing to bet that the F-22 in the pic is a demonstrator mock-up, not an operational bird. Several of the vents are obviously nothing more than a painted pattern. The color scheme on this particular Raptor might need to be taken with a grain of salt...

  3. Please consider that I'm a rookie with Figure painting so....


    I'm practicing on a 1/24th WWII Naval Aviator and I've got a Mae West to paint. I've used a "yellow" (acyrlic) for the basic color.

    My question is: When I add the shadow and the highlight is it better to add a darkening agent (and highlighting agent) to achieve the shadow/highlight colors or is it better to use a bottle of darker yellow (or lighter yellow) to get the shading/highlighting colors?


    Blend or buy?


    And if I blend....what should i use to darken the yellow? Gray? Black?

    and what should I use to lighten the yellow? White?

    White should be fine for lightening, but avoid using black or gray for darkening, unless you want to turn your Mae West into sort of a hard-boiled egg-yolk greenish-gray. Use one of the warmer browns, instead, like a sienna.

  4. The beauty is, as a government agency, they CAN'T charge a licensing fee! Chalk up one for the taxpayer! Yay! :smiley20: Jeffrey does indeed print metallic colors - if you want to contact him, his email address is info@jt-graphics.com.

    Bob, that's an interesting paint scheme for the UH-60. Careful, though, Homeland Security will probably demand a licensing fee (like the airlines do), probably in the $2M-or-jail, your choice. :smiley15:


    I have the 1/35 Academy UH-60L kit that I have not built yet. This is different and something to consider.


    Is your supplier doing metallic gold decals for you? If so, I have some custom gold pinstriping I need for a 1/25 AMT GMC General kit I am building. Would your source be interested in another job? Cost?



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