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  1. Thanks Steve The SECH has been a part of our Mission statement for the past 9 years. Thanks Tim
  2. Thanks Mike Yes that what thier looking for!PLease resend your email I want to be sure Tim
  3. My wish would a improved CM Command Module Apollo with a Lunar Excursion Module LEM?? And Gemini and Mercury! Tim
  4. In October and November The Spartanburg scale Modelers did 2 Make N Takes at the South Eastern Children’s Home in Duncan SC Our Chapter has been involved with th3 SECH for 10 years. The pics are from the November session. Tim Kirkland President
  5. tkirk

    USS Yorktown CVS 1-

    My decals for the Yorktown came Wensday!!! I got the set for the Yorktown and other Essex class carriers Im pleased!! Now I need 4 more sets and one more kit! ThanksMike and fellow IPMS Members Tim
  6. Hey Folks One of the members of spartanburg Scale IPMS is looking for a copy of the instruction for the ESCI 1/8th scale (big one) Kenttentrad If you have one please let me know Tim Kirkland President
  7. Thanks Gil This is a big help! From what little info is out there the CBI really is a egnima? But the 1st CU did a heck of a job Tim
  8. Fellow Modelers Just got through watching "war stories with Ollie North" The episode about The China,Burna India CBI theater, 1st Air Commando unit which was formed late 1944. They were given P-40;s, B-25. C-47P39and P51As or Bs?? Anyone know what they had P-51'sA,orBs?? paint schemes? so on Thanks Tim Kirkland
  9. Neil Thanks they had what I was looking for and more for future projects! Tim
  10. Hey Members Im looking for metal landing gears?? I have a large collection of 32nd aircraft would like to upgrade the following A6M ZERO F4U-1 Corsair Av8 Harrier Thanks Tim Kirkland
  11. Thanks for the Imput! A friend of mine asked the question and he doesnt build model? I remeber when Resin and Photo etched came out and they caused headaches back in the 90's
  12. tkirk

    USS Yorktown CVS 1-

    Thanks Mike Need all the help I can get
  13. Let me rephrase Has any judge encounter these models or parts and could this cause problems in judging?
  14. Has anyone encountered models built with #D printers. Complete models and or parts?
  15. Hey Folks My Brother served aboard USS Yorktown CVS 1962-63. Im building the Rexell 1/560th kit but Revell no longer makes decals? I know someone made decals for this model afew years ago. Does anyone know if these decal are available? Thank Tim Kirkland
  16. Hey Folks Back when I was at the age of 10 (1972) I found a Mattel Hot Wheels from their Hot Wheels club in Chrome called the “King Kuda” It was originally released in 1970. Has a model of the 1969 or 70 Barracuda been released and if so by what model manufacture? Thank Tim Kirkland 29144
  17. Dear Fellow modelers We regret to inform you that our contest "plan 9 From Spartanburg Scale" for October 26th has been moved to November 2nd This is due to a wedding that was planned at Parkway Freewill Baptist church. Our Chapter has a agreement with the church That they reserve the right to cancel any event due to funerals and weddings. We realize the inconvenience It is our hope that you and your fellow modelers will attend Thank you Tim Kirkland President IPMS Spartanburg Scale
  18. tkirk

    M-3 Grant

    Hey Folks I just did some kit swaooing and got the ols Tamiya M-3 Grant. I goy for my 8 year old Niece who is builing models. OK Im not up on Britsh pant schemes from the dersy campain? thanks Tim kirkland OH yeah were they used in any other theater? Tim
  19. tkirk

    Resin Iron Clads

    Auther Thanks I know those guys but the last time I saw them was the Nats in 2008. I triend to email and call no reply Ill try again Tim
  20. tkirk

    Resin Iron Clads

    Hello fellow members Last year I built the Verlinden CSS Virginia. Nice resin kit. I have on lay away the Verlinden CSS Palmetto Stae. So where can I find Resin iron clads or in plastic. Scale doesnt matter. Thanks Tim Kirkland
  21. Hello Fellow Members Im Tim Kirkland from Spartanburg SC Im the President of IPMS Spartanburg. Ive been modeling since 9years old. I enjoy all areas of model building, but armor and ships are my favorites. Ive been a IPMS Member since 1990. Ive won six IPMS National awards In auto armor and figures. Im also a IPMS National Judge 6 times for the automotive divsion. I also edit our club newsletter. among other duties. Hope to hear from our fellow members through the forum. Tim
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