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  1. mightymax

    Hasagawa 1/48 F-8E Crusader

    Nicely done! Max Bryant
  2. mightymax

    Fujimi 1:48 Messerschmitt Open Box

    I don't offhand know of availability but True Details made/make a 110 resin cockpit. Also a bit of trivia. The Mauve 110-G kits used the Fujimi kit as its base kit.... Max Bryant
  3. mightymax

    FS 1960s Aurora Anzio Beach Set

    I had this when I was a kid and loved it! This brings back a lot of good memories. All that remains of mine is the German tank. Good luck on the sale Cheers Max Bryant
  4. mightymax

    Monogram 1/48" Scale P-47D

    Mark I would say you took that one all the way on that finish. Just beautiful! Max Bryant
  5. mightymax

    Good, Better, Best Airbrushes

    You have two solid airbrushes that you already sell. If I was looking to add a few for variety I would add the single action Badger 200 and the double action 150. I use the same Paasche H that I convinced my Dad to buy me when I was in H.S. 37 years ago. I learned on an H in Drafting class and therefore I prefer the heft of the fatter Paasche Brushes. I have a V and I also have several Badger brushes. The Badgers are fine products but they are slimmer than the Paasche. So if you bring in the Badger products you will have fine products from two manufacturers. It comes down to the customer and if they prefer a slim almost pencil like brush or a heftier feeling Paasche. Max Bryant
  6. I never find anything but broken toys at the Thrift Store. I actually used to find an odd kit here and there but that was years ago. Last few times I was ever there, I noticed the same guy parked by the door that they wheel the stuff out to the floor. I actually saw him stop the worker so he could rifle through the cart. I guess these days you have to wrestle the EBay resellers to get anything decent. Nice haul..... Max Bryant
  7. mightymax

    Macchi Mc202 Folgore 1/48" vacuform

    I think it may be a product of Gull Models. I don't think Wings ever did a 202, but I may be wrong Nice model BTW Max Bryant
  8. mightymax

    2001 Astronaut Meets Monolith--Done!

    Coming along nicely but alot of scratchbuilding going on here. Max Bryant
  9. mightymax

    Classic Airframes B-57

    Looks Good. Had to smash mold afterall.... Well you learned something new... Max Bryant
  10. mightymax

    Cylon Base Star by Revell

    Your Paint cap looks very much reminds me of the C-57D! Love the Galactica kits and your Baseship is very nice! Max Bryant
  11. mightymax

    What's a bad Sci-fi movie

    I was a teenager and was entranced by Star Wars. Great movie with some neat if not ill fitting kits. I saw Black Hole and was really let down. So my vote goes to Black Hole. I bought the kits and they still languish unbuilt in the stash! Now a couple of you guys have thrown out the name but no one mentions specificlly.. Plan 9. It did not have a kit made per say but the Lindberg/Glencoe/Atlantis flying saucer is used in the film minus the engines. Honorable mention to, Lost in Space the Movie. Nice kits so so movie.... Max Bryant
  12. mightymax

    SCUD Missle Kit

    Does anyone know where I can get a set of instructions for this kit? I have had it for 15 years or better and mine had no instructions. A model club member told me he had a set and I have been waiting 15+ years for them. :-( Is there an online resource like there is for some aircraft instructions??? TIA Max Bryant
  13. mightymax

    1/48 Japanese Ohka (Baka)

    Nice Job! I started one of these 10 years ago. I was using pistures from an old Aero publication book I have. I got a fair amount of work done when we sold our house. I have not been able to locate that kit in 10 years and I know it did NOT get left behind! Max Bryant
  14. mightymax

    BSG Viper Models

    Absolutely correct on the TOS BSG kits. They came out before the show actually debuted and were available right through to the bitter, ugly, Galactica 1980 debacle of an end. Babylon 5 kits did not appear until that show had almost run its course.... Max Bryant
  15. mightymax

    BSG Viper Models

    Hi Tim, I checked out the Moebius site and you are right. I can't find it either but it was up there a little while ago. You can go here http://www.culttvmanshop.com/Battlestar-Ga...TION_p_592.html Hope this helps. Max Bryant IPMS #25146 Club Affiliations= NONE!