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  1. I just thought it was a good movie. I really didn't get into the details of the U-2. I don't understand why on forums like this that if it is a plane, ship, armor, or car, in a movie, that can be modeled, that people will tear it apart. It was a good movie had good actors and actresses. Why can it not be left at that?

    Such as was the case for "FURY".... :army7: :army8: :smiley29:

  2. Just some advice on the masking medium. Not the biggest fan of 3M Blue as I have encountered some lifting and seep issues.


    Might I suggest getting a roll of Frog Tape Delicate Surface (Yellow). It's almost identical to Tamiya tape in lower adhesion and pretty thin. It is inexpensive ($5.88 at Wal Mart) for 60 yards.


    So what is the subject?

  3. In Model Master, I'd start with 1720 Intermediate Blue (FS 35164) with a little 1719 Insignia Blue added to deepen the shade.


    For the vest, 1708 Insignia Yellow should fit the bill.


    You'll probably need to adjust the colors using the color wheel to get your tones just right.


    Humbrol 109 WWI Blue may be a better off the shelf blue for the uniforms.


    I hope this is helpful!

  4. Part of what I was asking is why somebody didn't get a licensing agreement and have these on the market. I've known about the movie for well over a year, so it can't be because it "snuck up" on them. Even if it was a chinese company that wouldn't really care about such "petty" issues as licenses...


    I guess my Tamiya M45A3E8 will just have to be "close enough" if I decide to go ahead then.

    Thanks guys.


    Get the Tasca/Tamiya M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight. It even has markings for a tank from the 66th Tank Battalion which is the battalion from the 2nd Armored Division marked on the hull in the movie.


    Then post some pictures on our FB page!


    The movie is simply awesome!

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