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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, but I've considered the Airfix kits.  The Quickbuild is too much like Lego, and the starter sets may be too advanced for the two us sitting down for an afternoon.  I had a easy kit once before from a different maker, which would probably be about right.  But that was so long ago I can't remember what it was.  So, I'm still open to other suggestions.

  2. I'm researching the T-6 as used at Bartow AFB, Lakeland, Fl, in the mid-'50s.  Memory is vague and I don't recall if they were canary yellow or tangerine orange.  Can someone help?  Any color photos, perhaps?  And if you know the appropriate FS number, that would be extremely helpful.

  3. I'm fascinated by the recent discovery of the 109F-4/Z flown by Unteroffizier Hans Pilz and shot down April 1st, 1942. I've found a few illustrations for JG3 aircraft, but only while stationed on the eastern front.  Does anyone have information or recommendations on the camouflage for "black 11" of 5.JG3 while stationed in Comiso, Sicily?

  4. LifeColor makes a paint set labeled "Regia Aeronautica WWII Set1 Fighters".  According to the box lid, AU 527 is "Verde Oliva Scuro 2", but the bottle label says "Verde Oliva Scuro 4". Does anyone know which is correct?

  5. The confusion only deepens - using https://ipmsu28.wildapricot.org/page-18051 and typing "Michigan" into the search, I only find the West Michigan and Mid-Michigan clubs; going to  https://ipmsusa.org/chapter-map?title=&region=All&state=MI I do indeed find 6 clubs.  So, it looks like the other 4 clubs haven't update the wildapricot page.  But thanks for the info.  We'll talk over becoming a chapter next month.

  6. We've started a brand new club in Lansing, MI.  Several of us, myself included, are members of IPMS/USA.  We've talked about becoming an official chapter of the national organization, but some questions have come up.  There are several clubs across the state that say they are chapters of IPMS/USA, but aren't listed on the organization's directory of chapters; does anyone know why that is?  Bigger and more important, what are the benefits to the club of becoming an IPMS/USA chapter?  Can someone provide some insight?

    BTW, anyone living in the Lansing, MI, vicinity, the Capital Area Scale Modeling Society (C.A.M.S.) meets the 1st Thursday of the month from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the Capital Area District Library main branch, 401 S. Capital Ave., Lansing.  Our next meeting is Thursday, April 7.  Call 517-323-3312 for more information.

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  7. A new scale modeling club is being organized in Lansing, MI.  

    The Capital Area Scale Modeling Society (C.A.M.S.) meets the 1st Thursday of the month from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the Capital Area District Library main branch, 401 S. Capital Ave., Lansing.  Our next meeting is Thursday, Jan. 6, 2022.  Everyone in the greater Lansing area is invited to come join us.

    Call 517-323-3312 for more information.

  8. Thanks for the leads, Gil.  I think this just illustrates how frustrating this process can be.  Both sheets suggest they were in basic desert schemes.  However, the Special Hobby decal sheet I have suggests they had distinctly blue shades (attached).  The Kits World image shows Peter Hanks' (PPH) aircraft also in basic desert colors.  But Historie & Collections Supermarine Spitfire Mk1 - Mk((-MkV (Vol. !) shows the "temperate" scheme, and has the photo to support.  I'll keep looking, but it feels like it's ultimately going to be "best guess."

    I just found this photo of Claude Weaver's BR112; it clearly is not desert camo, looks like temperate......






    spit-x - Claude Weaver.jpg

  9. I’m researching RAF Squadrons 185 & 249 as they served in Malta. Specifically, I’m looking for profiles and camouflage/color information for aircraft BR112 as flown by Sgt. Claude Weaver, and BR323 as flown by Sgt. George Beurling. I appreciate any information you might share.

  10. My plan is to build a Fiat CR.42 in the livery of Ernesto Botto while stationed in Sicily and operating over Malta.  The issue is getting the squadron number "73", the group commander pennant before the cockpit and the red lightning flashes on both wheel pants..


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  11. On 5/6/2020 at 9:27 PM, ghodges said:

    Excellent looking model of a lesser known variant! I've always felt the Hurricane overall gets the short shrift most of the time in the tall shadow of the more storied Spitfire. That's a great tribute to the harder working Hurricane for your collection!


    Gil :smiley16:

    Having seen your work in the Journal many times, I appreciate the kind word.  I toured Malta a few years ago and have been fascinated by its history, emphasized all the more during WWII.  So I love the opportunity to replicate some of that history as a tribute.  Operation Pedestal was one of the most dramatic and consequential operations in the Mediterranean and the Sea Hurricanes were an essential part of its success.  My next project will be a Ju87 used by the Regia Aeronautica in their attacks to try to force Malta into submission.

  12. This is the Airfix Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk.Ib (A05134). I have finished it to resemble 7L, #V7015, the last operational Sea Hurricane and a participant in Operation Pedestal. The kit is beautiful and went together smoothly. However, it has some important omissions! Sea Hurricanes had a headrest mounted on the armor plate behind the seat. And on either side of the radiator housing was a catapult spool. The kit has spools, D41 & D42, but these are seriously out of scale; and there is no mention of them in the instructions. I had to use pieces from the Italeri kit to mold these pieces to correct the final replica.

    366 Hawker Sea Hurricane Ib.jpg


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