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  1. I don't think I've seen one of these that hadn't been rodded out. :D I attend the Southern Hot Rod & Street Rod Nationals at the Florida State Fairgrounds every October, and there's always more than a few of them hanging around. They've got to be a beast to drive with the short wheelbase and massive powerplant. Nice paint, excellent work!
  2. Always loved funny cars. Great job!
  3. Looks great. The Revell is 1/24, right? MH
  4. I've seen some PE frets that give the impression of spinning props. I'm working on a 1/144 B-24, was wondering if anyone made them in that scale, and who the vendor is/was... Thanks.
  5. Hanson

    Civil War Cannon

    I didn't on this one, but I have a Spanish cannon that I can do some in-progress stuff on. It's not hard to do, it just needs patience, as does most things model-related.
  6. Hanson

    Civil War Cannon

    Just finished this 1/16 scale M1857 12-pounder Napoleon cannon from Model Expo's "Guns of Fame" series. All white-metal, and done up more as one of the memorial cannons at Gettysburg than an active field piece. The patina was a drawn-out process of layering various colors until it looked right. It's big, and it's heavy. But the kit was nice enough that I think I'm going to get a few more. Maybe enough for a collection at the next Nats, if I can find room in the house to display them.
  7. Hmmm... I've not seen much in the way of aftermarket for 1/87. And adding in pre-1925 makes it even more challenging. I've bought a few things from High Tech Models in Germany - http://www.hightechmodell.homepage.t-online.de/ehomepage.htm You might check there, see if he can refer you somewhere. Just don't get distracted by all the cool, teeny-tiny models! I've built two of his 1/87 Maserati Birdcage kits.
  8. Hanson


    You may be thinking of EZLine. I saw at the Nats in VA Beach. http://www.bobeshobbyhouse.com/ezl.html
  9. You can get them direct from the AM web site: http://www.accurate-miniatures.com/support.shtml or direct to the PDF here: http://www.accurate-miniatures.com/instruc.../F3F-2_3414.pdf This is one of the earlier AM kits, and it is outstanding.
  10. I asked some knowledgeable friends. :-) It's a Ferrari 512 BB in 'sorta' 1/24th from Marui. One of four cars in this series, others are Lambo Jota, Countach and Pantera. A mini-review: Marui's BB is one of the better BB kits, but has some flaws that you'd expect from an old kit. The top engine piece has delicate details, and the separate carburetors have adequate height, unlike the similarly designed Nitto/ESCI kit, which has poor engine details. Headlights and doors are separate, so it might be tricky to properly align those parts. The engine cover has venti
  11. I especially like the first two; the only thing that would make them look like 'real' UFO pictures is if they were out of focus. MH
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