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  1. Looked here, didn't see it or anything like it - http://wwiisquadronpatches.com/SquadronPatchesHomePage.html But they might be able to assist.
  2. Actually, the RoG kit is a rebox of the Protar kit. I wish Italeri would reissue thiers.
  3. Hanson


    I know it's a long-shot, but has anyone ever did a kit of the RV-9?
  4. Hanson


    If you have an interest in WWI, a buddy of mine just put together a great book on Camp Gordon in Atlanta (home of the 82nd). He collects antique and historic documents and he's put together quite a neat little book on a pretty specific subject. Lots of period photos and letters. No affiliation other than I happen to know him and he gave me a copy, and I thought I'd share with the group because it really is a great little book. http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2187994
  5. Wow, that was INSANE. You have SO much more patience than I do!
  6. Wow, somebody didn't take very good care of their toys.....
  7. The old monogram kit with the multi-part body? The 100/6? Here's a 3000 from the parking lot at Cavallino this weekend:
  8. Hanson

    P-3C Orion

    I see you're using the official 1/144 penny, too!
  9. Very nice, what did you use for weathering?
  10. The Relic from 1997 had to have been one of the absolute WORST book adaptations ever made. The book was phenomenal, and it's one I re-read from time to time. How the authors let his piece of garbage past them I'll never know, but they should be ashamed. The movie left out the the major character, and the only relationship to the book was a few names. Truly, truly horrible. The 2005 remake of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy would be on my list, too, as would Battlefield Earth.
  11. Looks great. Amazing how you can build TWO in the time it takes me to just open the box and look at mine... Panel lines aren't dark enough and wheels aren't flat enough, though. ;-)
  12. And not only does he (Wildcat) do great work, he builds at a blinding pace. He builds more in a month that I've build in the last two years. Maybe three.
  13. Looking good. The 308/328 series remain one of my favorites, though if faced with a choice I'd drive the 'big brother' of the era first - the 512bbi. Boxer, mmmmmm.
  14. I've got one of the earlier releases in my stash, but have been waiting for a rerelease. Just have to figure out how to get it into the house. ;)
  15. Hmm. There are a few in my area, but none are IPMS that I'm aware of. I think the ACME club in Atlanta is mostly auto modelers.
  16. The weathering looks spot-on. How did you do it?
  17. Hanson

    F8U Crusader

    Is that 1/144 carrier deck? or 1/72? Where did you get that?
  18. I remember seeing the correct order to paint them in somewhere. For example, I don't think you can generally spray lacquers over acrylics, but you can spray acrylics over lacquers. (as Gil said, once everything is properly cured) I think the way it goes is, the 'hotter' the spray, the closer to the base, and you'd get cooler as you move away from the base.
  19. As did I. I was living in Tampa at the time and clearly remember watching the launch on TV then running to the front yard to see the vapor trail from the rocket.
  20. This is an amazing video: http://www.petapixel.com/2010/04/26/apollo...mes-per-second/
  21. Hanson

    IJN Colors

    And keep in mind if it was late in the war - and that's generally when the night fighters came into play (trying to shoot down B-29's) - that it may be painted, but it there would also likely be lots and lots of bare metal showing through, and the aircraft would be weathered to death. I've got a lot of photos of the planes from various Japanese books, and they were really ratty. Maru Mechanic shows a lot of them in overall dark green, but there is one in a mottled gray and black which would be nice.
  22. Yes, and they're very serious about not straying from the bus. I shot as much as I could through the window and walking between the bus and the restoration hangar, but was a bit disappointed to not be able to get closer to a few of them. The new addition is supposed to be finished this year. It's going to be BIG - one of the docents told me they plan on having the Coronado as the centerpiece (turns out it was Nimitz's personal aircraft) - and that's HUGE. If I lived in the area, would definitely be a volunteer on the weekends!
  23. If you like naval aviation, particularly early - pre-war, WWII, early jet age - I just posted around 1500 photos from a recent visit to the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola last week: http://x.scaleautosport.com/blog/ There's also a number of photos of the ship models they have on display. The 1/72 USS Enterprise CVN-65 was particularly impressive, as was it's CV-6 counterpart in the same scale. Enjoy!
  24. It looks fantastic. Great job on the weathering! You should do more Japanese subjects! ;-)
  25. Wood base came from the craft store, I stained and varnished it. The 'concrete' is simply two sheets of card stock, on cut to fit the base and the other cut into squares for the concrete, then painted to look right. The 'plaque' portion is really, really simple - after creating what I wanted to see in Photoshop, it was printed onto heavy, glossy photo paper. I then cut it out, sprayed it with photo adhesive and mounted it to the base. Then drilled a small hole for the 8th Air Force enamel pin I picked up at the Mighty Eighth Museum. I've actually got less than $20 in the whole thing, including the kit!
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