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  1. Hello, I usually build WW 2 aircraft but I have been getting a little bored with that lately and have decided to dive into WW 2 armor for a change. My question is what differences are there between the U. S. Stuart tank and the British Honey versions? I have a 1/35 scale academy Stuart tank arriving soon in the mail but I would like to paint it as the British Honey, is this possible ? Do I have to do a lot of modifications? Thanks for any help Armor Guys!

  2. I just read the article Modeling Miscreant where he breaks down the mental make up of each type of modeler! I fall into the Aircraft, Ship and Figures group. I really had a good laugh! I recommend reading it, we can all see a little or a lot of ourselves in what he says! :Smile_sceptic:

  3. I have a Fujimi 1/48 scale Val dive bomber, the instructions are completely in Japanese! My question is about the decals, I have six insignias! Two are large, two are just a little smaller and two are a little smaller than the previous two. Now I know the smallest ones go on the fusalage, but I need to know do the larger ones go on top of the wings or the bottom? The instructions do not show and I am not able to read Japanese! Please help!


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