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  1. For those who use acrylic paints constantly here is a homemade recipe to obtain lots of airbrush cleaner for a few coins. With this cleaner you will keep your airbrush soft untill you need it again. I use it after the main hard cleaning with alcohol or windex, depending on the paint I have used, this recipe eliminate the rests of the solvent you have used before and prevent obstructions.
    Just mix in equal proportions water, 96º alcohol and windex.
    A better quality cleaner if you use distilled water, isopropilic alcohol and a good window cleaner.
    One tip, block the mouth of the airbrush so the air will get out through the paint capsule, cleaning the nozzle the reverse way.



  2. Here is a different point of view, many friends jump each time I tell this.


    I only enjoy while working with the model, once finished goes to a shoe box, sometimes I give it away and sometimes I have sold them. The point is that I mostly never care about it never again, what I´m really wishing is to enjoy again with a new model.


    A partial solution for the conserving of the models could be taking as many photographs as possible of the already finished model, they will last longer than the model itself and they won´t change.



  3. Hi guys

    Here is the last assortment of Polish commercial signs you can download.


    Lately I´ve been told that a Spanish model magazine is downloading and selling these images through their website, of course without my permission. Please remember and tell everybody that this work is my humble contribution to help modellers to save some money, many friends have helped me with this work which is and will be always free.



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