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  1. I finished this kit some time ago, today I found the photos
  2. Hi guys Here are another two printables 1/35 for you, first the third part of the British/US maps used in Afrika WWII http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/10/mapas-ingleses-campana-de-africa-3.html And another set of commercial signs for shoes stores in the WWII Soviet Union for your scenes buildings http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/10/zapaterias-rusia-wwii-russia-shoe.html I hope you like them
  3. Hi guys this is the second part of these maps collection, they are 1/35 and high res si just download and print and you will have an extra exattitude touch for your scenes and vehicles. I hope you like them There will be some more soon http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/09/mapas-ingleses-campana-de-africa-2.html Federico Collada
  4. Afghanistan posters and signs 1/35 download and print Hi guys here is a first assortment of 1/35 printables for XXI century Afghanistan http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/09/afganistan-surtido-1-afghanistan.html I hope you like it Federico Collada
  5. Hi guys Here is another downloadable for printing, dedicated to kiosks in the WWII Soviet Union http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/09/carteles-de-kioskos-de-prensa-en-la.html I hope you like them Federico Collada
  6. Hi Here is the first of a new series of commercial signs 1/35 dedicated to Soviet union shops in WWII i made with the aid of my friend Roman Volchenkov, this first one is for bakeries, I hope you like it http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/08/carteles-de-panaderias-en-la-union.html Cheers Federico
  7. The atmospheric perspective and the scale effect, a bit of theory. Hi friends Here is a simple article I made about this question, I didn´t emphasize in the phisic aspect of the light and color, just some helpful hints for painting. http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/08/el-filtro-atmosferico-y-el-efecto.html I hope you like it Federico Collada
  8. Painting stains with felt pens, the anti-crisis method Hi guys here is an easy tip for begginners to practise the verticla stains without spending money, or very little. http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/08/efectos-de-suciedad-con-rotuladores.html Ihope you like it Federico Collada
  9. Coca Cola wall signs Germany WWII 1/35 2º part Hi friends Here is the second part dedicated to the Coca Cola advertising in Germany from 1936 till 1942 http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/08/coca-cola-publicidad-en-alemania-wwii-2.html I hope you like them Federico Collada
  10. Coca Cola & Fanta posters in the nazi Germany to download and print 1/35 Hello friends Here is a little assortment of Nazi Germany posters 1/35 you can download and print them http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/07/coca-cola-fanta-en-la-alemania-nazi.html I hope you like them Federico Collada
  11. Many thanks Mark I hope this can help others to try this product, it´s really versatile.
  12. Hi You can achieve a heavy rusting effect with just one wash See the tutorial here, it´s very easy http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/07/lavados-de-oxido-rust-washes.html Regards Federico Collada
  13. Hi This is the Roden kit, very nice, and as far as I know the only one in plastic. there is a Spanish written article and some more pictures here http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/07/rolls-royce-blindado-1914.html Federico Collada www.fcmodeltips.com
  14. Hi This is the easiest way to apply an homogeneous layer of dust http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/07/lluvia-de-pigmentos-pigment-rain.htm It can be used for a soft effect or a heavy dusting, it only depends on the layers you accumulate. Federico Collada
  15. Hi guys here is another set of printables for your scenes http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/07/posters-guerra-civil-espanola-barcelona.html http://i1073.photobucket.com/albums/w382/freddietello/fcmodeltipspostersguerracivilbarcelona1_zps40d727e0.jpg I hope you like them
  16. For those who use acrylic paints constantly here is a homemade recipe to obtain lots of airbrush cleaner for a few coins. With this cleaner you will keep your airbrush soft untill you need it again. I use it after the main hard cleaning with alcohol or windex, depending on the paint I have used, this recipe eliminate the rests of the solvent you have used before and prevent obstructions. Just mix in equal proportions water, 96º alcohol and windex. A better quality cleaner if you use distilled water, isopropilic alcohol and a good window cleaner. One tip, block the mouth of the airbrush so the air will get out through the paint capsule, cleaning the nozzle the reverse way.
  17. I came to that point some years ago, together with the lack of space reduced my inversions to a 10% and I´m still as happy as before, no changes in my modelling life. Fede
  18. Here is a different point of view, many friends jump each time I tell this. I only enjoy while working with the model, once finished goes to a shoe box, sometimes I give it away and sometimes I have sold them. The point is that I mostly never care about it never again, what I´m really wishing is to enjoy again with a new model. A partial solution for the conserving of the models could be taking as many photographs as possible of the already finished model, they will last longer than the model itself and they won´t change. Fede
  19. Hi I scaled these wood textures to 1/35, they can be useful if you can´t reproduce the wood grain by hand. http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/06/texturas-de-madera-mesa-wood-textures.html As an example I made a very simple table. I hope you like it Federico Collada
  20. Hi modeller friends Here is a little assortment of Polish commercial posters and propaganda 1/35 scale you can download and print http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/06/polonia-posters-comerciales-y.html?spref=fb I hope you like them Federico Collada
  21. Hi guys I learnt how to do this when I was a kid, back in school. It´s very easy and will solve your towing cables needs forever. http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/06/cables-de-arrastre-towing-cables.html I hope you like it Happy tanks Federico
  22. Hi guys Here is the last assortment of Polish commercial signs you can download. http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/06/t...hops-wwii.html Lately I´ve been told that a Spanish model magazine is downloading and selling these images through their website, of course without my permission. Please remember and tell everybody that this work is my humble contribution to help modellers to save some money, many friends have helped me with this work which is and will be always free. Regards Federico
  23. Hi Here is a model I finished some months ago I used XS proyect resin kit and some extras you can see some more pictures here http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/06/kubelwagen-holzgas.html I hope you like it Federico
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