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  1. Hi Chris, thank for your words. Are you aware of some issues about this model? the interior color indication is wrong, so is the warning signs printed in paper, they are written in Pashto, one of the main languages in Afghanistan....where no Bradleys are deployed.
  2. Hi Mark I agree, this one and other brand new vehicles seem to me something taken out from some sci-fi movie. Cheers Federico
  3. M2A3 Bradley I just finished Meng's M2A3 Bradley, although I prefer the eighties Bradley with the MERDC scheme I took the opportunity to try a couple of things. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-DhrN9GGj1NM/U2x8OZP_tJI/AAAAAAAAOXY/-mA6U8TvJJY/s1600/IMG_3754.JPG Cheers Federico Collada
  4. German commercial signs, download and print Hello guys I´m not sure if this post belongs here or in the tips zopne, but I decided to place it here as I thought that it would reach to more modellers. Here is an assortment of German commercial signs that you can download and print at home, they may be useful in your scenes. http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2014/03/carteles-comerciales-alemania-wwii.html Saludos Federico Collada
  5. Chariot of fire.... and snow. Merkava 3D 1/35 Hobby Boss More pics and sbs here http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/12/merkava-3d.html
  6. Chrome Brighter than the metal paints http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2014/03/cromados-chrome.html I hope you like it Federico Collada
  7. Life magazine 1/35 download and print Hi guys Here is a new 1/35 collection of printables http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2014/03/life-magazine-wwii.html I hope you like it Federico Collada
  8. Finished, the accesories came from Miniart, MIG, Artesanía Latina, Resicast, etc. The map is the one used in the tripoli area by both British and then US troops and you can download the whole collection of maps of the African campaign here http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/10/mapas-ingleses-campana-de-africa-4-y.html
  9. freddietello

    AEC Mk.I

    I had to choose which AEC kit form Miniart should I start first and I thought that the Mk.I version was pretty atractive so here it is. The model is a jewel, plenty of fine details, photoetched, and many delicate parts that will ensure a crispy detailed model, outside and inside. The different colours primers are perfect to continue with the lights and weathering without having to apply a second "base" layer. If I had used a neutral grey primer I would have to airbrush a second paint layer of the proper colour. Pigments are essential for a dusty and weathered finish. Again, using a proper primer is very useful to avoid appying a second layer. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Q_Gy8JdbHpo/UuPvDxSCpII/AAAAAAAAMv8/5rSCzt8Jxk8/s1600/IMG_2265.JPG base and filter for the pneumatics Ready for shadowing and weathering A filter with ivory colour to modulate the base colour will give the Portalnd Stone 64 tone average. Some chipping with a sponge usinf the stencilling technique. And some washes to shadow some details For the Besa gun i used a silver base and further black acrylic washes to achieve the dark metal gun colour. For the details like the gas cans, fire extinguishers, etc I used model Air colour applied with brush. For the periscopes lenses I used a silver base and later a traslucent Smoke and Blue wash. In the end I decided to close the rear doors andlower the driver door to let the turret turn freely. Now all that is lef is to paint some stains and add a bit of stowage. Federico Collada
  10. Hi guys Here is a collection of Signal magazine 1/35 you can download and print at home. http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2014/02/signal-135.html I hope you like it Federico Collada
  11. freddietello

    merkava 3D

    Hi guys I´m working in this Hobby Boss Merkava, I´m planning to make it at the Golan heights
  12. Die Wehrmacht and Der Adler magazines 1/35 Hi guys Here are the links to download theses magazines 1/35 scale, you can use them with your figures and crews whenever they are bored. http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2014/01/der-adler.html http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2014/01/die-wehrmacht.html I hope you like them Federico Collada
  13. printing 1/35 scale and changing scale Hi guys I´ve been asked many times how to print the blog images properly so I made this brief tutorial that includes a very easy way to change from 1/35 to 1/48 and 1/72 scale http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2014/01/como-imprimir-los-descargables-de.html I hope it can be useful. By the way, i will be in Nuremberg for the Hobby exhibition on 29 and 30 this month so if you want to see what´s new check the blog those days. Cheers Federico Collada
  14. Hello Eric Maybe it's because you use the windows Viewer to open the file, that program tends to adapt the images to some standard sizes. instead use the windows Paint or Photoshop. Regards Federico
  15. Achtung! minen signs for downloading Hi guys Here is an assortment of mine German mines filed signs made of real ones photogrpahs, you can download the high res file in my blog http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2014/01/achtung-minen-senales-de-campos-minados.html I hope you like them Regards Federico
  16. Thanks guys Richard- I splattered many rust colour acrylic paints with a toothbrush, then I made an earth pigments wash and finally I rubbed graphite dust on them, you can see some tutorials of alternatives here http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2012/11/cadenas-oxidadas-con-pigmentos-rusted.html http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/02/oxido-magico-magic-rust.html http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/07/lavados-de-oxido-rust-washes.html Mark- Yes, they have achieved a nice anti-slip surfaces but they lack of other details like positionable machine gun, 12,7 for the nose, chains enough to complete the ball courtain, etc. I haven't seen mneg's so I can't compare.
  17. Hi guys This is Hobby boss kit, I have always wanted to make a Merkava, since I saw the first tamiya kit back in the eighties. But it wasn't up to now that I decided to start one. I´m not quite happy with the kit but is the one I got so...
  18. freddietello

    1/35 Flags

    1/35 flags for everybody, happy xmas http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/12/banderas-flags-1-2.html Federico Collada
  19. IDF MRE to download and print 1/35 Hi guys I´m working on a Merkava so I made these Tzahal manot krav boxes, you can donload them and print at home and put them on your Merkavas, Ishermans, etc. http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/12/tzahal-manot-krav-idf-mre-raciones-de.html I hope you like it. Federico Collada
  20. Hi guys Here is an assortment of Iraq checkpoints signs 1/35 you can download and print. http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/11/irak-puesto-de-control-iraq-checkpoints.html I hope you like it Federico COllada
  21. Combined painting technique, Splattered/dragged/veil Hi guys If you, like me, have a shaking hand and you can´t get that lovely wood grain texture with oils, let me share with you this alternative way. http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/11/veladura-salpicada-arrastrada.html I hope you like it Federico Collada
  22. Hi guys Here is a simple way to have all the zimmerit you need for the rest of your life http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/11/zimmerit-todo-el-que-quieras-zimmerit.html I hope you like it Federico Collada
  23. Hi guys Here is a new assortment of printables 1/35 of Afghanistan theme, there are road signs, commercial signs, addvertisements and even a couple of little employments lists. http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/10/carteles-en-afganistan-2-parte-signs-in.html I hope you like it
  24. Hi Vonl I didn´t build it, it´s a plaster kit which I painted and added some details for the recent T-20 Komsomoletz kit, the article was published in the Military Modelcraft a couple of months ago T-20
  25. Hi if you like to add some fine details to your models here is a simple trick to make glass or plastic transpanrent bottles in a few seconds http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/10/botellas-de-cristal-glass-bottles.html#comment-form I hope you like it
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