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  1. Dear friends The new Blitzscales is ready for downloading, I hope you like it. www.blitzscales.com http://i1073.photobucket.com/albums/w382/freddietello/Blitzscales-7-portada_zps78d46831.jpg Cheers Federico Collada
  2. Hi guys Blitzscales march issue is ready, you can download it for free here www.blitzscales.com http://i1073.photobucket.com/albums/w382/freddietello/Blitzscales5-1_zps8b92d127.jpg I hope you like it Federico
  3. Hi Once again Blitzscales is ready for free downloading with some new gifts, I hope you like it www.blitzscales.com Happy 2017! Federico Collada http://i1073.photobucket.com/albums/w382/freddietello/Blitzscale4Portada_zpsbd002129.jpg
  4. Hi guys The November Blitzscales is ready for downloading including some new printable gifts.I hope you like it. And please remember that this magazine is for free and depends on the amount of downloads so share this link with your friends and encourage them to download it too so we can have Blitzsclaes for a long time. http://www.blitzscales.com/ Federico Collada http://i1073.photobucket.com/albums/w382/freddietello/Blitzscale-3-November-2016-1_zps9f628d9a.jpg
  5. Hello friends Let me introduce you to the new military modelling magazine; Blitzscale. A project born between modellers who like to explore and look forward new styles in this hobby. While most of the availabe modelling magazines tend to show great models made by very well known modellers, this new magazine is a bit different; Blitzscale focuses in helping modellers with all kind of tips, gifts, etc. Every issue will be conceived this way, not only a showroom but a magazine you will read and use at your work space. The main articles in Blitzscale will show and explain step by step, all kind of building, painting, photographing, etc techniques and tips so you will see something really useful in every issue. Blitzscale will also include at least two gifts that you can print and use with your models; decorated bases, historic scaled posters and signs, dioramas accesories, moulds, etc. each one of them priced 3 euros so you get really valuable resources for your models. Blitzscale will be released as a digital magazine and it will have a printed version in the future, I hope you like it. The magazine is available at www.fcmodeltrend.com
  6. Hello friends I would like to show you one of the 4 models I built for the recent Blue Steel 5 AMX-13 in Lebanon book. The book is about how to use very simple painting techniques for novel modellers to achieve the heavily rusted and weathered look of military vehicles. For these articles I used the new Takom kits that has been an excellent relief for the ancient Heller one. Takom makes 3 different versions of this little tank and is announcing some new and interesting different versions, like the prototype with the M-24 Chaffee turret. Here are some photos of the model with the 75mm gun that I made to illustrate the first gallery of the book that shows many AMX-13 of different versions parked at a Lebanese army depot, the gallery pictures belong to Sam Assad, the other half and author of the book. This model represents one of the AMX-13 that were provided by Israel, thus the sand colour camouflage over the original French Green colour. Both paint layers are completely worn and spoiled due to decades at the open under the intense Mediterranean sun. I hope you like the pictures, you can download some sample pages of the book at www.bluesteelseries.com
  7. Hello guys I would like to introduce you to my new modelling book, FCModeltips 1, with 21 articles showing building and painting techniques, tricks and tips that will help you building your models in less time and with a high level finishing. In the last 15 years I have published many articles in many magazines and the ones that have been more successful were those that showed something new and useful. This is the spirit of this book, not showing a lot of pictures of finished models with long historical and technical texts but a good bunch of useful tips that you can use at your workbench. Some of these ideas have been previously shown in my blog, and others are brand new and previously unseen, like the pigments rain, the splattered and dragged veil or the weathering chamber, all of them very easy techniques that you can use to weather your model in seconds! When I started this book, a year ago, my intention was to help those modellers that have very little time for their hobby so the could make the most of it, and also those who are not keen on trying the techniques of some master modellers that sometimes are a bit hard to control. In the FCModeltips 1 book I try to offer some really easy alternatives that don’t require any special skill to use them correctly. Each of the FCModeltips 1 articles is shown with a different model and cover one special technique or subject, with large pictures and brief comments so you can get the concept easily in a while. FCModeltips 1 is a book that took one year of preparation, and may be followed by other similar books in the future, all of them providing this same kind of help, for modellers to enjoy the best of their hobby time. The FCModeltips 1 book is available in English and Spanish. I hope you like it
  8. Hi guys I posted a new downloadable you can print at home, and since I don´t remember if I informed about the lates ones, here is a brief list of links of the last months printables. I hope you like them Irlanda / Ireland 1970-2000 http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2014/09/irlanda-ireland-1970-2000.html Pista de portaaviones / Air carrier deck Escala 1/72 http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2014/11/pista-de-portaaviones-air-carrier-deck.html Cajones de madera 1 / Wood crates 1 http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2015/03/cajones-de-madera-1-wood-crates-1.html Señales de tráfico de Ucrania / Ukraine traffic signs http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2015/05/senales-de-trafico-de-ucrania-ukraine.html Barreras de cemento / Jersey barriers http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2015/07/barreras-de-cemento-jersey-barriers.html Happy modelling!
  9. Having built the tractor version of the D7 I decided to start inmediately with the bulldozer version equipped with the LeTourneau WCK-7 blade, the newest kit of Mirror Models. The kits builds without serious complications, and I would just advice to test the coincidence of the parts and unions before gluing. The instructions book suggest us to beggin with the engine, nicely detailed, in which we will add the first photoetched parts that are included in the kit. Following with the transmission and the radiator we reach the tractor chassis to which we glue the engine, at this stage I decided to start painting before having any problems to reach hidden parts. The next phase was to build the boogies that include the big metal springs, if we use the covering plates they won't be seen. When fixing the idler, sprocket and boogies to the chassis, the tractor beggin taking shape. We add the driving station with the photoetched platform. Meanwhile the glue cures we can start building the blade. We add the side platforms and fix the photoetched anti-slip surfaces with some white glue. Before covering the engine we can start the weathering process, for that I used the Vallejo rust set mixing the rust colours "al fresco" Once glued the seat and the blade structure I airbrushed an overall layer of Olive drab primer. Then with a lighter green colour I applied a filter diluted 50% at the most visible zones. ìmg]http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-xjrNomDXwlI/VUB8QFdIN3I/AAAAAAAATbQ/DHlZjPHxqow/s1600/_MG_7944.JPG[/img] And inmediately after another filter using white acrylic wash creating a zenithal ilumination. For the blade extreme rusted surface I used again the rust tones of the Vallejo set using the sponge technique. After some earth tone washes and adding some pigment and mud at the lower parts of the vehicle I called it finished and put it on one of the new FCmodeltips grunge bases The flag at the pole is another new FCmodeltips item, is a paper decal that is easily adaptable to un uneven surface or can be modeled with the hands, you can see them here. http://www.fcmodeltrend.com/calcas-lp-1-50-familia-3/ I enjoyed this kit very much and I´m willing to start with the angled dozer and the armoured versions.
  10. CMP Ford F15 with breda 20mm Mirror Models 1/35 scale The CMP trucks were produced in Canada for the Commonwealth at the Ford and Chevrolet facilities and were deployed in every theatre of war within the armies of many nations. The recent Mirror Models kit represents one of these trucks captured in North Afrika by the Italian armyto which the y have added a breda 20mm gun at the back in the portee style. The model is made of a considerable amount of pieces of previous models so many of them will be left once finished. The instructions are a bit difficult to follow so is highly recommendable to study them and a previous identification of the parts as their numbers at the panels are not clearly seen. Once we are sure how to proceed with the instructions and all the parts correctly identified, the building doesn't offer any complications, just cleaning a few parts and eliminating some inyection marks at the rear cargo part. To paint my model I choose a different scheme to the one suggested in the box art, based on photos of some vehicles deployed at that moment by the Italian, I decided to keep the English light stone colour and paint the Italian flag over the hood for air identification. For the chipped and rusted zones I used the stencilling technique, similar to the drybrush but charging some more paint with the brush and hitting softly the surface with perpendicular moevements. To finish the model I put all kind of stowage at the back but trying to leave space enough to operate the gun, between the stowage you can see a case of maps and another one unfolded at the rear, all of them came from an English set of maps of this era used by the British and US troops in Afrika, you can download them here. http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/02/mapas-ingleses-campana-de-africa-1.html
  11. freddietello

    D7 tractor

    The D7 tractor has been produced since 1938 at the Caterpillar industries and is part of a family of which is in the medium type. Being produced in various configurations and models, it has been used both for civil purpose and in the army. The D7 tractor is capable of a 25ton work due to it's diesel de 200hp Cat 3306T engine. Miniart's model reproduces with high detail this classic tractor in it's more simple configuration as a prime mover. The model is made out of quite a lot of pieces and builds itself without complications thanks to a manual that shows the steps clearly and amusingly. The excellent detail of the pieces is constant and soem of them, as the multiple levers, are so delicate that will require all of our care to handle without breaking them. The model has a lot of details that are hidden once the building is finished, however, Miniart offer us the possibility of showing most of them due to the multiple parts that can be put aside or simple fixed in different positions. The engine is quite impressive due to the many components, I decided to start painting very soon before I could be unable to reach some parts with ease. I used an Olive drab primer to paint the different elements as I added them. The tracks is the most boring part of the building, each link is made out of four pieces that you must align properly and fix with car in order to let them articulate and move freely. This process will allow us to palce them perfectly atthe boogies and reproduce the typical sagging on the upper links. After painting all the parts with the olive drab primer, I applied some filters with the airbrush with lighter tones to produce some lights. I painted the chipping with a mix of dark brown and black colours using the stencilling technique. For the towing cable I used one made by myself with copper wire twisted with the Dremmel tool. http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2013/06/cables-de-arrastre-towing-cables.html I used many pigments over an acrilyc wash moistened surface to create a rust texture and colour look. The graphite pigment is perfect to imitate the polished metal. The accumulation of different earth colour pigments is perfect to imitate a dry mud texture overthe tracks, just fix them with white spirit or ant special pigments fixer. I added a Life magazine and a "mines" wood sign to break the general olive drab tone and created a simple base with a couple of anti tank obstacles to show the finished model. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-_73erFJEAOI/VRemZ5EORYI/AAAAAAAAS_g/8eZjcLR5lbM/s1600/_MG_7410.JPG
  12. Renault AHN gulashkanone This is the firs kit released by ICM of this curious French truck and it will be followed by more versiones. Lately ICM has improved the presentation of their kits with better and harder boxes and very easy to follow manuals that invlove very few pieces in each step. For my model I decided to depict a very anonimous truck that could be place mostly in every front from 1943 and that is one of the trucks that were fitted with a field kitchen to provide the troops. I painted the cargo bay with a sand primer. Then I used the Vallejo washes splattering little dots with a toothpick Then I swept all the tiny dots in the plancks direction with a dry flat brush. The result, a fast and easy dragged veil that imitates the wood vein. After letting dry for 24 hours I used the chipping medium diluted with some water to cover all the wood parts. Then I waited half an hour and used dark yellow paint to cover all, inmediately after I painted some lights using lighter shades of the same colour. Once dry I scratched the work with a hard brush and warm water so part of the yellow colour would dissapear showing the wood work. With dark chocolate color I painted the chipping at the metal parts and with dark brown acrylic wash I made a pinwash to stan out some details. After placing the deacls and staining all over, the truck was ready to add a cargo. I used the old Tamiya gulashkanone kit to which I cahnged a couple of details as the plastic ones were a bit rough. The rest of the elements came form different kits from Tamiya, Miniart, master box, etc.
  13. Thank you very much for your words guys, I´m glad you liked it.
  14. Spain bought six Schneider CA-1 tanks to use at the Morocco war in 1922, some years later 4 of them had survived and sent to Madrid where they remained unused until in 1936 begun the Spanish civil war. The tanks that came form Africa received some minor changes; a gunhole at the front and another at the back, front light changed and added armor at the front made of a sewer cover. I wanted to make two of the models suggested in the decals set, the one in Morocco with the girls inside the numbers and this one I finally choose, one of the CA-1 used in Madrid against the nationalists at the beggining of the war. To adapt the Hobby Boss kit I had to build the back sections that enlarge the tank, the reshaped exhaust and the opther modifications I said before that were specific of the Spanish model called M-16 With the model built I primed it with olive green Then I applied a first filter with a warm light green to make the first lights Then another filter with a cream color to soften the contrast of the formar filter and stand out some parts a bit more. A copule of filters with satin washes allowed me to darken some parts and enlighten others. I painted the big brown zones with a brush I applied a gloss varnish and once dry I started placing the decals With the tracks primed with a dark brown color, I used the old drybrushing technique to stand out part of them using lighter rust tones Some stains, a pin wash, dust and steel pigment rubbing to call the model finished. Or maybe not, I still decided to add some mud. And this is a photomontage I made with a Madrid park photograph as background.
  15. Hi guys Here is a new years present for you You can download it here http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2015/01/kosovo.html I hope you like it Federico Collada
  16. Dear friends I´m not quite sure if this is the place to announce this, please forgive me if not and dlete this thread. I´m happy to announce that after two years of preparing many designs of scale accesories like declas, die cut leaves, natural texture prints, etc. I have finally opened a store where everybody can look for them. All my work is created with the same exigency that I have for my own models. Using caerful investigation and real photographic textures for a "closer to reality" look. I hope you like my new store, please visit at www.fcmodeltrend.com Thank you and enjoy of your hobby Federico Collada
  17. In March 1922, 12 FT-17 were sent form Spain to Melilla to serve in the Morocco war. 10 of them had the round turret and had been bought some months before, another one had the octogonal turet and was adquired in 1919 for evaluation, the other one was the only TSF in Spanish service. 3 years late some of these tanks would participate in the firrst multi arms landing in history at Alhucemas. The Meng kit has been a welcome for the WWI and Spanish civil war enthusiasts, it´s a very nice model that builds easily and has many subtle details, it also includes some photoetched parts and metal springs. For my model I decided to use the Modelkasten tracks, althoug they have the wrong number of links, the detail is far better than the ones in the kit. The painting scheme is a derivate of the classic Solomon camouflage and was the one that were using when they came from France I did some masking for painting the main colours with the airbrush and painted with a thin brush the black stripes. Then I used the splattering technique to create many subtle stains using acrilyc filters. For the tracks I used a dark chocolate base and pigments of different tones to add some dry mud and dust. A graphite pencil and metallic pigment applied with rubber bar were enough to imitate the polished metal at the constant rubbing zones. Some oil stains here and there are always a nice touch The photomontages are made with actual Morocco pictures
  18. Hi guys maybe you haven't noticed but soem of the packages of this french bottles water firm you can buy 1/35 scale are not correct, they don´t have neither the right size nor the design. In the next months I will design the most usual bottled water packages you can find in the actual war conflicts zones so you can download and print them being sure that they are correctly designed and close to the real ones. Don´t ruin your models using unexisting, anachronistic, out of scale, etc accesories. As you do with your models check that the accesories: -Exist -It´s from the date/era you need -It´s the right scale/size .It´s the right design For you to have an idea, anything that is designed with the "Comic sans" font MUST be later than 1994 So here it's the first downloadable file with bottled water packages, i hope they can be useful to you. http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2014/09/cajas-de-agua-1-water-packages-1.html
  19. I always have liked this Little and versatile vehicle, it was used in all the WWII fronts by many countries. I usually find Tamiya models very somere and simple, they are great for begginners but they seem a bit toulike to average modellers. Their old 1/35 Bren carrier is one of the worst models in their catalogue, full of simplified and oversized parts, and those vinyl tracks that have nothing to do with the real ones. Unfortunatley, although more tan 30 years have passed since then their recent 1/48 version of the vehicle is not better. I didn’t want to start a detailing work as the model is so bad that it would be better to start a scratch model from zero, so I made out of the box and just added some resin stowage form a Blackdog set. I made the model in an hour and painted the base and first lights in five minutes. After placing the decals I started painting the details and the resin stowage parts. I used Vallejo primers and acrylic washes for both model and resin parts and then AK special effects paints for the dust and stains. Splattering many different colours with a brush and a toothstick and then bluring the stains down with White spirit. I used traslucent color for the oil stains. And to cover the horrible tracks I used acrylic mud, once dry I rubbed over with dry pigments to imitate the dust. To finish the job I used a graphite pencil to imitate the polished metal on tracks, steps, edges, etc. I used a photograph that I found on the net to make the collage with one of the model photos with Photoshop.
  20. freddietello

    1/35 beers

    Hello guys Here is a little assortment of beer boxes you can download and print, 1/35 scale http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2014/08/cajas-de-cerveza-beer-boxes.html I hope you like them Federico Collada
  21. Hello Mark, many thanks for your kind words. About the machine I Took it off on purpose, just to ruin a bit the simetry. I cut off the gun and drilled the ball, then painted the inside black. Cheers
  22. This is the Skoda vehicle built in 1920s of which only 12 units were produced until it got replaced by the PA III version. The models is very easy to build with just a few resin parts that have no defects at all. It builds enterely in a few minutes if you use ciano. I chosen the German scheme for the military police that used all of the captured "turtles" in Czech service after the invasion. For the painting I used the cenithal light system in 3 steps, first an overall black layer. Then a very light grey filter form above Then a blueish grey filter form the sides After placing the decals I used the Vallejo "washes" to make some stains that I inmediately blurred down with a dry brush With gloss white paint and some graphite pigment I made the lights, theis "chrome" effect is close enough to a crystal at this scale.
  23. Many tanks guys, I love WWI machines and I'm willing to see Takom's big bro.
  24. freddietello

    Mark Is

    Hi guys I just finished these Master Box 1/72 models, Mark I male/female. very nice kits , easy to build, fits nicely and have some good details. A very pleasant weekend proyect. Primed with Vallejo colors and some weathering with both Vallejo acrylic washesand AK weathering products, a bit of pigments and a graphite pencil for the polished metal.
  25. New downloadables 1/35, some pop culture Hi friends, I have made a collection of many classics movies posters and long plays covers and scaled them 1/35, you can download them and print at home I hope you like them http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2014/06/posters-de-peliculas-anos-70-60-y-50.html http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2014/05/peliculas-de-los-80s-80s-movies.html http://www.fcmodeltips.com/2014/05/este-es-un-pequeno-surtido-de-portadas.html Regards to everybody Federico Collada
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