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  1. That was a great show, and a great time. Man, I miss all you goofy SOBs... 😕 Allowing myself to be selfish here...the only pics I have from 2019 are my own entries that I pulled off of various sites or forums...I never find time for photos, and one of our club members (Southern Maryland Scale Modelers) in front of our club entry (NASPLANE).
  2. Same...wife and daughter planned a trip to Austin along with but if no live music venues and bars are open and happening then no sense in going to sit around the hotel.
  3. Hays County requires masks...I.e. where the Nats is being held requires masks...there will be MASKS!
  4. Point of Information: Hays County (San Marcos...) Judge orders Face Masks: https://www.sanmarcostx.gov/3084/COVID-19-Orders
  5. TX has implemented mandatory wearing of masks...so we can move on from that argument. 😷
  6. 👆 This ...this is why we want to know if it is go or no go and when a "💩 of get off the pot " call will be made.
  7. I agree. They need to probably consider cancelling. I'm booked to go...but more and more on the fence about it the more I hear about the cases going up in the general area (Austin/San. Marcos/Hays County). I want to be there as much as the next guy but I think it is going to be a lack luster Nats at this point anyway. The silence from the organizers is becoming deafening.
  8. Thank you Martin, I'll be picking some up...been holding off on an F-22 build just because of the lack of paints.
  9. Where can one find info on fielding a bid? What is required etc.? I thought there would be a section on the IPMS USA site but I'm not seeing it.
  10. I hear you there! Half the planes I crewed were different from one day to the next. As a flight engineer...all I needed to know was that we still had four Hamilton Standard props attached to four T56 engines and how much gas ya want and I was good. Man, watching this come together is really making me think about getting one.
  11. P-3 Orion (which will happen as soon as Gil finishes his vac form monster) F-86H. P-2 Neptune Gotta admit, most of my other "dream '48" kits are out there now...FJ-4, E-2C, C-2A, S-2F, T-28, T-6A/B
  12. (Copied from my HS post) That is coming along nice. I'm impressed with how well the engine/nacelle join came out. I'll throw out a note to you, on the forward lower fuselage, that "antenna" you added is actually an ALE-47 Chaff/Flare dispenser fairing. The "acess door" you might have seen in reference pics is a cover plate for when you're not carrying "flare buckets". They are also carried just aft of the main landing gear in a different type fairing facing outboard. If you have the "In Action" book, there's a pic on pg 23 that shows them to good effect (the caption reads "line man" removing the landing gear safety pins, but that's actually an Ordy removing the flare bucket safety pin) The forward station carries one bucket, the aft ones carry two buckets...each bucket carries 30 flares (the things that look like "dots") even though the caption says "36"...can't trust everything you read! 9
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