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  1. I think the solution will have to be a permanent location. But... because North America is so large compared to the UK, I think it would be best served by using two locations, alternating each year. To make them accessible for the greatest number of attendees, possibly something about a day's drive inland from the east and then the west coast. Each venue should then be reasonable for roughly half the country. Also, in the UK Scale Modelworld is not run by any particular chapter. I understand there is a group of exec board members who work on it each year, and they use a professional event organizing company for the 'heavy lifting'. Let's hear from some UK members in the know.
  2. The Canadian Voodoos carried the Falcon missile, and also the Genie... well, sort of. The RCAF/CAF had Genies with inert warheads that they used for training purposes. As Canada was technically a non-nuclear nation, the "live" rounds were kept at Canadian bases, but in USAF custody. The idea was that if the balloon went up, the Canadian government would sign on to the use of nuclear weapons and then they would be released to the Canadian units for operational use.
  3. Actually, IPMS Canada's "beaveRTales" e-newsletter is not really for 'business' type stuff. Our printed publication, RT, is like most IPMS branch magazines, i.e. modelling articles. In beaveRTales we try to present more news about the organization and IPMS in general, some shorter articles and reviews which wouldn't work well in RT; some 'Pics from the past'; occasional quizzes where member can win prizes; a bit of humour, etc. As the saying goes, "RT is about our models. beaveRTales is about us". You can download a copy and see for yourself at http://www.ipmscanada.com/ipms/ipmsRT.html Bob
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