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  1. Here's a distribution of US attendees for 2014 in Hampton. The dots are individual registrants by zipcode, with the states shaded by total registrants per state. I could do another for current members, but I'd have to get Bruce or MJ to send me a new database as the latest one I have was from the end of our show.
  2. The 2014 National Convention Packets for Pre-Registrations ordered on or before June 1 2014 were mailed to our pre-registered guests on June 30, 2014. The packets include your registration name tag and the tickets you purchased for the convention events. For our overseas pre-registrants, you will receive an e-mail version of your registration package shortly to ensure receipt of your materials. We will also maintain a printed version of your package at the will-call registration desk as a back-up. Please note that any additional ticket items purchased by you after June 12, 2014 will not be mailed, but they will be available for pick up at the convention registration will-call desk. If you do not receive your pre-registration packet by July, 11, 2014, please contact me at Registration@IPMSUSA2014.com, so we can make sure a new set is printed and mailed out. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at this address. Thank you for pre-registering, and we look forward to hosting you at the Hampton Roads Convention Center. We wish you safe travels and hope you enjoy the show. Regards – Jared Jared Nuss 2014 IPMS Convention Committee Registration Chair
  3. Steve, I can confirm that we got your registration. 50th Anniversary items are mailed separately from Convention Registration Items (for orders before June 1) If any one else has questions about their registration, email me at registration@ipmsusa2014.com
  4. Registrations purchased before June 1 will have their packets mailed out Friday. I will have a full write-up then Jared Nuss IPMS/USA 2014 National Convention Registration Chair
  5. Make sure to look into Newport News/Williamsburg (PHF) too, its actually the closest airport to the show, but it is a smaller airport than Richmond or Norfolk so selection and price may be limited. Also if you're from the Boston, New York (Newark) or Pittsburgh area , and Atlanta(starts Aug 1), a new airline is coming to PHF at the end of June. http://www.flypex.com/
  6. Yes we will be mailing out registration packets with your Name Badge any other event tickets you purchase On or Before June 1st 2014. That way you don't have to stand in line when you arrive, plus you save $5 for the vendor room. You can then pick up your registration "goody bag" when ever you want at a specific pre-registration pickup table. We do not plan to mail the pre-registration packets out until just after Pre-Registration closes on June 1st. That way we can do all of them in one fell swoop. If you feel the need to double check that we have received your registration email me at Registration@IPMSUSA2014.com and I will let you know. Jared Nuss IPMS/USA 2014 National Convention Reg. Coordinator
  7. Registration is Now OPEN!!!! http://www.ipmsusa2.org/store/nats_2014.html http://www.ipmsusa2014.com/registration.htm Told you it was coming soon... And Contest Information should be coming quickly on its heels. Jared Nuss 2014 National Conference Contest Chair
  8. I can't give a specific answer as we don't know yet exactly when the Conference Registration will be available on the Website, but I can tell you we are getting real close. But as Ralph said expect a lot of info to start coming out real soon. And as far as Facebook is concerned, its really only going to be used as a "Hey there's something new on the IPMSUSA2014.com website, click here to see it" sort of thing. There is not anything you will miss by not going to the Facebook site. Jared Nuss 2014 National Conference Contest Chair
  9. As an FYI there was 14,400 sqft of contest space in Colorado, 15,000~16,500 sqft in Orlando.... and there is 27,360 sqft in 2014 in Hampton We should have preliminary floor plans on the website soon
  10. From some of our committee discussions ' the contract states the hotel will honor the group rate “two days before group arrival date and two days after the group departure based on rate and space availability” ' But lodging@ipmsusa2014.com is the best person to ask if he doesn't respond to this thread again
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