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  1. Ray,


    I don't know if this has ben posted somewhere else on your threads, but you will want to squirt Future floor wax over the canopies then let dry. This should be done before you start any construction, that way the canopy has time to dry & cure. By appling Future to the canopy, it makes the canopy look clearer than before the application, it also protects the canopy from scratching and reduces the chance of fogging.



  2. Testors Modrel Master "Metallic Silver' in the spray can works very well for me for those aircraft that are painted silver. Please note that most of the aircraft saying they are natural metal were painrted silver dope (a fine example are P-51Ds, where the wings were painted silver and the fuselage was natural metal), what I hate, as they rarely represent the actual aircraft are highly polished silver (chrome) models. The only P-51s you'll see as almost chrome are certain warbirds, like Quick Silver here in SC.


    While those bright chrome models do look good and is difficult to get done correctly, it surely isn't accurate.


    Just my two cents my friend.



  3. Dick,


    I like my blue Cats Eye one & know that will beat your purple swirly anytime and anyplace :smiley4:


    Ron & Bill,


    Thanks for your suggestions. My thinking is that the statue was in a Church or Museum before it was stolen, so would have a higher scheen that your normal marble. But I'll try both of your suggestions to see what might look best for my application.


    Thanks guys,



  4. OK guys, I'm planning on doing a diorama based on a scene in the closeing minutes of "The Monument Men", where they are driving away in the Kubelwagen with a US trailer and a statue tied up in the trailer.


    I have a statue on the way from Tiger Diorama Products and was wondering the best way to portray that resin bit as marble? I'm thinking of gloss white with a wash of "Camo Grey".


    Think that would work or might you have a better idea?





  5. Gil made some very good points, as usual.


    One thing you need to look for on some Tamiya kits, is if it says Italeri on the box. I know they released a 1/72nd F-18E in Japan that was the Italeri kit but with different decals. They also did that with the 1/35th SAS Jeep, NW Europe - that was the Italeri "Commando Car" with a Tamiya sprue of 2 figures & some accessories.

  6. ... and don't forget Academy. They are in-expensive and fairly nice kits. I love their 1/72nd P-51D, all you need to do is replace the exhausts.


    Also the "new" Airfix kits are as well. Just be aware, they say if it's in a "Red Box" then it's a new mold. Nope, I bought their Fairey Battle and it's the old kit. Oh well, I'll still build it.

  7. Ray,


    Welcome to IPMS, you'll love it here.


    To find the IPMS chapters in Vegas, there are two. Go to the home page, under the "about" tag, click on "chapter map", then enter Nevada for the state & it will take you the listing. There you'll see links to both chapters IPMS/Las Vegas and IPMS/Red Flag Scale Modelers.


    I'm sure both clubs will welcome you with open arms.



  8. Hey Gil,


    Two things:


    #1 So your "Hodgepodge" of p/e is a take off of your name? :smiley2: You know me, I just had to say it.


    #2 We have one here at Shaw with a "stick up it's butt" (actually his belly). I'm not that up to date with the different B-66 variants. If you want/need any detail photos of it let me know. I'll be glad to shoot the thing & send you a CD-Rom with the photos my friend. I pass the thing every day so it'll be no problem.



  9. Rob,




    Our AMPS club made a feild trip down to Ft Benning on the 5th but I couldn't make it. I'll see if anyone took any photos of that area. I know they were at the tank as they took a group photo in front of it.


    Thanks again for all of your help,



  10. I'm working the old Tamiya King Tiger with Paper Panzer's GT-103 gas turbine engine deck with a bunch of other of PP's items.


    My question is with the old engine deck, what is under each of the hatches? Basically I need to know where the fuel & oil were serviced at.


    I've looked through my various books and did not find the answers - maybe I'm blind and overlooked.


    Thanks in advance.



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