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  1. Kool, I'll scope it when I get off work here in a little bit. Thanks.
  2. TimDarrah


    Looks like a wood cab RSO.
  3. Gilbert, Thanks, on the left side as you look at the vehicle, it'll say 761 TB, on the right will be the Company and Vehicle code, but I'm not sure which Company the M-7 would be in and how many they had. Any help would be great. Thanks,
  4. Yea, I crewed them for 16 of my 20 years in. I was in the 510th at Bentwaters from 81-85, 78th at Woodbridge from 86-92, 354th at McChord from 92-94, 55th at Shaw from 94-96 and finally the 74th at Pope from 96-98 when I retired. My first Hawg was 80-0169, it had 13 hours on it when I caught it and still had the 'new aircraft smell' and was the first one in the 510th to have INS. Hawgs Rule!!!!
  5. TimDarrah

    Bumper Codes ?

    Hi guys, I want to build my M-7 Priest in the markings of 761st Tank Battalion. How would that look? Thanks,
  6. You can also buy it from www.micromark.com . I just bought a can last month so they still have it.
  7. I agree, in the previews it did look like a soap, but beleive me it isn't. As for Stoltz being "nekkid", he isn't so you don't have to worry about that. some of the women in the "virtual nightclub" are though.
  8. Forgot to mention. According to the DVD, "Caprica" will be a series on Sci-Fi Channel in 2010 and "they" are releasing the entire BSG series on Blue-Ray soon that includes every episode and the R-rated version of Razor.
  9. Bob, I got the DVD at Wal-mart for around $20 in their "new releases' isle..
  10. Just finished watching the new BSG show "Caprica" which came out today. When I first saw the previews, I thought that it was going to be like "Dallas in space" but was wrong. True, in this DVD, there isn't any fighting but it shows how the Cylons came into being. The last two minutes are WILD!! One word of warning, there is nudity in it so you might want to watch it first before the kids can see it. When the show comes out next year, I'll watch it.
  11. I found the review for you. It's in the March '09 issue of Scale Military Modeller International" on page 22. It says that there is no new gear with the kit and from what the reviewer said, it's the exact same kit that was released in 1973. You might find more info on the Tamiya website.
  12. From what I've read, it's a semi-new tool of the old kit from the '70s.
  13. That's an idea. I'll have to haul out my M4A2 to see. Thanks.
  14. Might anyone know if there are any wading trunks available for the AFV Club M-10? I looked at Eduard and they don't show any. I've also searched Great Models and Squadron without success. Even some good plans would be great. I'd just like to put on the lower portion of the rear trunk. Thanks,
  15. I bought the first two issues of Panzerwaffe by Classicolours/Ian Allan Publishing at the VB Nationals. I haven't seen any other issues come out. Might anyone know what happened to this?
  16. You always do great work. Plus I just love Stugs.
  17. Kool, I forgot about them. Oooppps
  18. Might there be decals out there for a 1/72nd F-16 in Tiawan AF markings? Both sets that Zotz has does not include this Air Force. Thanks,
  19. I just got ahold of the old AMT/Matchbox F-4M/K and was wondering if there might be any aftermarket decals for it? I checked ModelDecal and XtraDecal on the TwoBobs website without sucess. Any ideas? Thanks,
  20. Steve, Please PM me or e-mail me at ttttimmy@earthlink.net with your snail mail adress and I'll send you photocopies of the instructions. It'll be easier this way. Tim
  21. I have the kit so will contact you directly.
  22. Also, Hornet has a bunch of different heads availale.
  23. That's fantastic. The copy in my book is black & white. Thanks for the info. Timmy
  24. I'm thinking about finally building my 1/24th Union Porsche 907/908 and have a question. First of all, might there be a decal sheet somewhere out there for this car or kit to correct the kit decals? If not, might anyone know what colour the nose on car #54 at Daytona in '68? Also, in my book "Porsche Carrera 6 - 962" by Ian Bamsey, on page 67 they show a black & white photo of the finish of that race and #54 is closet to the camera, it looks like the square box with the "X" in it has some sort of light background colour, might anyone know what that colour was? Thanks for any help you can give, Tim
  25. You can use FS 34227 Pale Green (Model Master # 1716) or RAF Sky (Model Master # 2049) for the interior. The exterior would be FS 34127 Forest Green (Model Master # 1714) or FS 30277 Armor Sand (Model Master # 1704). I hope this helps.
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