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  1. So what armour model(s) are you working on right now? I'm working on the 1/35th Academy M3A1 being done OOB, the 1/35th Tamiya M-113 ACAV, but that's been in work since the Atlanta Nationals!! And finally the 1/35th Tamiya Panther Ausf. G with Tank WorkShops partial interior, Jaguar (I think) zimmerritt conversion, Jordi gun barrel, Accurate Armour Panther Late G/F conversion, it'll have the steel wheels on full IR equipment. (At the Nats in Columbus, I need to find the engine/radiator set). It'll also have Alders Nest MG barrels and antennas.
  2. Gil, As you know, my 78th FBS F-86A and 45th TRS RF-86A in 1/72nd scale are done. My 1/72nd SAAF F-86F is decaled and will be glosscoated before weathering tonight after work, so that puppy "should" be ready in time.
  3. Great shots. I just love that era of Sporscar racing, too bad I was to young (6 & 7 years old at that time) to know anything. Keep up the great work and I look forward to more photos.
  4. I've already looked through my library and I can't find a good drawing or photo of the Panther Ausf. G interior. I need how the driver's levers were located and both front seat mounts and locations. I'm useing the Tank Workshops Partial Interior and the photos aren't that clear for these items. Thanks,
  5. Greg, Thanks, I'll try to find it. Tim
  6. I'd like to start me El Alamein British Sherman soon. What's a good enamel to represent the Desert Pink that they used at that time? Thanks,
  7. I think that a decal company over in Japan does Digi-Camo decals!! And is available from Hobby Link Japan, that might be easier than painting it. Just an idea. At the Nats last year, I bought a decal sheet for the Tamiya Hetzer that provides the "ambush scheme". Sorry but I tossed the header, so I don't know/remember who did it, but I do know HL-J has them. I too can't wait to see it finished.
  8. I can't wait to see the real car on TV and your kit on the tables in Columbus. Good luck and keep on updating us with your project.
  9. Bruce, No need to apologise, you were adding hints and tips which helps other modelers. I used to use Parafilm, but haven't for years. Tim
  10. How about a wild "splinter pattern"?
  11. I shoot enamel with laquer thinner and it didn't hurt the model at all.
  12. Thanks for the info, I have a few of those CJs on hand
  13. I'm in the mood to do one of the Aggressors from the Two-Bobs sheet #72-002. They are a Block 30/32 F-16C with the Pratt F100 engine. Which kit do I need to use for this type of "Dart"? I have the 1/72nd Hasegawa F-16C #603, will that work? Thanks,
  14. I just came across a killer masking technique. I'm working on the 1/72nd Hasegawa Nakajima B5N2 - Kate and had to paint the cowl/anti-glare shield area. I masked off the area where I needed the blue/black but the rest of the aircraft was already painted. I was going to take a zip-lock bag and use that as an overall mask, but remembered the "Press'N Seal", so thought that I'd try that to cover the entire kit. It works and was very simple to cut to shape, cover the wings and fuselage, and came off without any damage to the existing paint job. I did use my normal Tamiya tape to seal the PnS around the nose, but that was it. Try it You'll like it.
  15. That's what I needed. Thanks.
  16. That might be easier to do. Thanks Gil.
  17. I'm working on the Historic Plastic Models (rough kit) of the Pz. I Ausf. A "Modificado" and have a question about the I A. On the right side of the hull up fron is a pipe or tube the runs from the glasics plate to just aft of the superstructer. The kit has a screen type of detail on it. Might anyone out there know if this was a tube open at the end above the right fender, or just what it is? Thanks,
  18. The 78th was part of the 81st FIW at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge. I found a photo in the F-86 in Action of two 81st FIW F-86s, one each from the 91st (blue) and 92nd (yellow). Both had the squadron colour in 2 lightning bolts on the tail and a flash on the forward fueslage with the Squadron patch just aft of the zig-zag. So I'm thinking that the 78th would be the same but in red. Thanks for the help guys.
  19. I spent 5 1/2 years in the 78th TFS/AMU, the longest I was ever with one unit during my 20 years in the USAF; so I'm trying to build a model of every type of aircraft they flew. I've seen a history that the 78th FIS flew the F-86 but can't find any photos/info of them. Might anyone out there have a photo, or know where I can look? I've already contacted the NASM & USAFM for info, but that'll be weeks away when I get info, if they have any. Thanks,
  20. Our version of Time Warner has it here in SC. It's on the "digital tier"
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