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  1. Mike, I know what ya mean, thankfully what I have in mind is a snow scene using Hudson & Allen snow, so I'd just be useing white glue and a medium gel to hold it down
  2. Has anyone tried the green floral foam to use as a base for groundwork? I know that it cuts easily but don't know how well it would hold up in a diorama since it only lasts about a year with an arrangment on it. Thanks.
  3. Dick, That is not more info than I needed, it was perfect, thanks.
  4. A new Lotus, way Kool. I have both of their Ferrari 126C2s and the 126CK.
  5. I was thinking of doing that but didn't know if it would work. Thanks
  6. Ok guys, I'm working on one of the old Tamiya 1/20th F-1 cars and the head covers have "Ford" stamped on them. They are to be painted white. I've always had a problem getting them to look right. I've dry-brushed the white over the black, looked like crap. I've tried to paint the white on, but that looked even worse. Any ideas? Thanks,
  7. Might anyone know where I could get two pine trees for a Battle of the Bulge dio? Thanks,
  8. Looking sexy, can't wait to see more
  9. Fantastic. More photos please my friend. I wish that I could've made it.
  10. Looks great. I've built a few of the FM -109s and I think that they are great kits. Plus I love the camo decals when they are provided.
  11. Bob, That might have been in the US, but in Europe (Bentwaters & Woodbridge in England and Sembach in Germany) they were the three-tone camo with black registration numbers on plates front & rear, that was it from what I remember.
  12. That sure looks like the pickups that the SPs used in Europe. The ones oiver there just had the USAF licence plate front and back and that was it for markings if I remember corectly. Some had light bars some didn't, and most used a "brick" radio. So just plonk in a M-16 and a MOBag in the back and call it good.
  13. TimDarrah

    Zero colors

    Model Master has it as "Interior Metallic Blue" MM 2119 and looks the part. Hope this helps.
  14. Greg, The info went out today. Please let me know when you get it. The wiring on the Panther just went into the turret through the commander's hatch; but when you get the info, look at how the gunner's sight was wired, you might wanna try that. Good luck & more photos please. Tim
  15. OOOOO that's sexy. Can't wait to see it finished. I'm doing a Panther G with full IR equipment. Please remember that the driver and gunner would have the IR spotlight and "telescope" as well as the Commander. The Panther IR tanks also had a "control box" that replaced the right rear storage box. It's about 18mm wide, 20mm high and 10mm deep. It opened from the backside and swung down.
  16. Hobby Fan (kit # HF009) did one back around 10 years ago or so. I looked at my kit, but saw no date. Around 2000 - 2002 time frame, DML had one in their catelog, but it never appeared from what I know. Hope this helps Mark.
  17. I now have copies of the TwoBobs CAS Vipers instruction sheet that will help me out. Thanks.
  18. Just put one on pre-order. Thanks for the info.
  19. James, Thanks but I already had that photo along with one other. There were two here at Shaw and Hill had a couple as well. Just thought that I'd build something different. Tim
  20. Might anyone out there know how the A-16 was painted in the Euro 1 scheme? Any good photos or drawings will work. Thanks,
  21. I too wish that they'd come out in plastic, but have bought all of the Black Sun Models resin kits, in 1/72nd, and they aren't bad at all. You should see the Raptor!! It's great.
  22. I'm looking for Jaguar Figures # 63134 "Oddball Tank Crew" for the Formations Models conversion that I bought at the Nats. Might anyone know who still sells Jaguar figures? I checked Great Models, Squadron and Red Lancer without sucess. Thanks,
  23. Jesse, I know what you're talking about, but I just lost interest in this F-4 but plan on getting back on it soon, like this year ;-)
  24. Yep Ron, it's the '05 Nats in Atlanta. But I have an RAF F-4 that I started in '94 that hasn't been worked on since!!
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