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  1. I have corrected the info on the web site and have sent the corrected EDF to MJ for insurance and to Chris for the Journal.
  2. So far it's held up. The H&A snow works, frist I used a spray can of white to undercoat it, then I applied the snow.
  3. If you have a Hobby-Lobby near by, go buy a Iwata. They have two different types, a small cup or a glass jar for about $100. I know that sounds expensive, but it's a great airbrush, easy to use & clean and you can get some very good work with it. At the Nats in Columbus, I bought a Grex airbrush for $250 that rocks as well, but at $250!!! You'll also need an air source, go to Wal-Mart or K-Mart and look for a compressor, I have a Coleman one bought at Wal-Mart, again for about $100, but saw one in the Sunday paper on sale acouple weks ago for $60. Do not buy a Campbell-Hausfeld, it has a safety switch that will auto-shutdown the compressor to stop any overheating, then it will take ages for it to reset and be operated again. Mine switched off three weeks ago and still won't start (I use it to pump up my car tires). I hope this info helps. Tim
  4. Phil, I think that Tank Workshops had a set out a few years ago, back in '98, of just jerry cans as a 1-piece drop in set for this truck. You might still find it. I thought of it as well. Acurate Armour in Scotland has a great drop-in set that I used, but it has British style items in it, such as the POL cans, fire bottle, etc.
  5. Hi my friends, Lately, there has been some confusion on how to properly get your contest approved. So here they are and they are very simple. Once your Club has determined they want to hold a contest. Before you sign any paperwork or do any advertising, you must contact your RC and give him the information. He will look at what might be planned in his Region that is not approved yet (right now, 09Sep10, I have 5 contests awaiting RC approval). He should also contact his neighbouring RCs to see if they have anything, he will also look on the "upcoming events" page on the web site to see if anything was missed. The RC will then let the DLC, and you, that the contest is approved. You will then go to the upcoming events page anbd fill out the Event Data Form (EDF), it is located towards the top of the page, just hit the "Direcor of Local Chapters" (in blue). That will take you to the EDF, fill that out and hit submit. The DLC gets the page, I then double check with the RC that has been indeed approved. Once I hear from your RC, I then post it on the web site and contact you. Please use the EDF that is on the web site as it is the most current, there used to be a paper EDF a couple of years ago, but that is obsolete. We all know that it takes a few months planning and preperation to do a contest, so the earlier the EDF is filled out, the better. It takes MJ about 1 month to get insurance. She is a merical worker, but give her the time to get you the insurance. Also, if you want your event listed in The Journal, you need to submit the EDF early as they have strict deadline for submissions, so if you miss one deadline, it'll be two months before the next issue is out. While I was RC-12, my thinking was whoever gets their event in first gets the date. That is also my way of thinking as DLC. Thanks, Tim
  6. Gee thanks Dick for the comforting words B) .Wanna come up & help me clean up the mess?
  7. The Launch Bay looks very nice, I can't wait to see it finished. Now for some bad news, early this morning one of my book cases decided to shed three selves along with the many books. All landed on top of three in progress models and one of them is my new Viper!! The nose gear has been broken off but I didn't have time to look for the gear as I had to go to work. So right now, it looks like that it'll be repairable, unlike my 1/35th Italeri WC-64 US Ambulance, that thing was crushed!!
  8. Actually, I'm working on the Mobius Mk. II from the new series & she's almost ready for paint. So I'm in, plus I have all of those Black Sun 1/72nd resin kits on hand. So count me in
  9. Rebecca, Which Audi, the R8 sportsprototype that raced at Le Mans or the TT from the DTM series? I have the R8, but not the TT. Timmy
  10. I highly recommend finding Cavalier zimmerit. It's resin, but very thin and easy to work with. Try it. I built the Italeri Panther A a few years ago and ussed the Italeri zimmerit pieces that came in the box. It was OK, but out of scale and uniform.
  11. Chris, Thanks for the info. I didn't get this version of their newsletter yet. Great to see the M7 as well, but I've already built the Acdemy kit, which isn't too bad. Tim
  12. I bought mine from www.CultmanTV.com, very fast service.
  13. Mine showed up last week, I also bought the E/B and masking sets for it. The kit reminds me of an AMT car kit, being molded in white. The resin figure looks great. You get markings for two Vipers, Apollo & Starbuch, go figure. I haven't done any test fitting, but then I don't do that until I actually build the kit. The down side that I see is the photos they use for the colours of it, is so small, you'll need a magnifying glass to read it, but the decal placement guide is large. Wonder why they didn't combine the two into one drawing. They show that they are going to do a Viper Mk. VII in 1/32, the Galactica in 1/4105 (?) and a Cylon Centurion in 1/6th.
  14. You can get Tank figures from TankRats AFV depot
  15. According to the TwoBobs sheet #72-002 printed in 2000 they used FS 35109 (ModelMaster #2132), FS 35450 (ModelMaster 2131), FS 36270 (ModelMaster 1725) with a gloss black radome. I hope that this helps.
  16. That's great info Don, thanks. Looks like I'll just have to "play" with the stuff. I'm thinking of puting a clear coat over the Vallejo to help protect it during masking. That might work, I hope. Once I try this, I'll put a post on to give the results.
  17. Vallejo not adhering well, that's wild. All of the armour mags that I read always use this paint and mask it. Looks like I'll just have to experiment. Jim, thanks for the guideance.
  18. No I have the "normal" Vallejo paint. But brush painting a Tiger II isn't on the cards. I'll look for the thinner.
  19. I need to spray some Vallejo using my airbrush, but I've never done this before (I'm a enamel man), so how do I thin it and use to clean the airbrush? Thanks,
  20. Already have one on pre-order from CultTVMan. I can't wait to get it.
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