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  1. Hi guys, We're having a discussion at work about World War II Japanese armour use and their colour schemes. We've looked thru my AJ Press books, a new Osprey book on the subjuect started this off, and my Fine Molds Type 1 "Chi-He" kit. Might anyone out there have one of the Tamiya kits? I was hoping that you could either scan & e-mail me the painting guide or let me know what colours Tamiya says to use? You may e-mail me at dlc@ipmsusa.org. Thanks, Tim
  2. Mark, I first saw him at the Columbus Nats and bought several sheets, even though I haven't tried them yet. Brian has told me that he is working on a new armour sheet, but wouldn't give me a hint of what it is. Tim
  3. Williams Brothers had both out in 1/32nd, the R-1 is kit # 32-711 and the "Z" racer is kit # 32-426. I think that they have been bought out by another company, I could be wrong though, but they are out there. I'm looking at my two kits right now. Be advised that Meteor Productions (they are shut down as well) has a masking set out for these kits. The R-1 kit can be built as the R-1 or R-2. As Mark suggestrs, e-Bay might be that place to find them. Tim
  4. Mark, Thanks for your hard work on this. I know how, at times, difficult this job is after runningg the photo teams in Columbus. Tim
  5. That sucks, I'll miss ya, but definately understand. Have a good one and thank you for your service.
  6. That is one sexy car. I have always loved the 250GTO. I remember when I went to the 1984 Monaco GP and there was a "used car dealer" just down from the train station that had 3 250GTOs in the store window!! I wish that I had the million + French Francs that they were charging at the time.
  7. You guys are crazy, the "Silver Arrows" are beauiful cars and you did an outstanding job
  8. Kevin, Thanks. I've looked at what they have and one version is OK, but would like ALMS. So I have contacted them to see if they'd do the Drayson Racing version from Sebring '09. I told him that I could help with photos. Mark, I'll try Britmodeler next. Thanks bud, you always rock. Timmy
  9. I bought the 1/32nd Airfix Aston Martin DBR9 kit the other day and was wondering if anyone made aftermarket decals for this puppy? I really don't want to do it in Gulf markings from Le Mans but would prefeer any ALMS car, preferably the Dryson car from three years ago. I checked Grand Prix Models and Studio 27, but nothing. Any ideas? Thanks,
  10. Rick, The instructions went out yesterday and you should get them Saturday. Enjoy Tim
  11. I have the kit, e-mail me at dlc@ipmsusa.org with your mailing address and I'll have my wife do free copies of the instructions at work & get them off to you middle of next week. Tim
  12. Kevin, Thanks. Those two photos will help me, and I have sent an e-mail to "Racecar Engineering". I thought that this magazine was no longer out there, I too got that for a few years. Tim
  13. That's OK bud. Thanks anyways for helping.
  14. Not really, I already have that shot but need photos of the "right cockpit". Thanks though bud. Timmy
  15. I'm working on the 1/24th Revell of Germany Audi R10 TDi, it'll be in the markings of the 2007 Sebring winner. I need photos of the right cockpit showing the black boxes with the wiring, anyone out there might have these? I've looked at my own photos and on the net, nothing. Thanks, Tim
  16. Well Dick, there was a NASCAR Ford hat run at LM back in the late 70s.
  17. Ralph, If it wasn't my weekend to work, I'd be up for it. Maybe next year. I've tried to watch LM at work, but couldn't get WiFi in my building and the Gov. computer wouldn't let me watch the streaming video from Speed. . Plus the wife wouldn't let me record the bits while I was at work. I will record the 0600-0930 session tomorrow.
  18. Hi guys, I'm starting to build diorama and using a plaster base of unknown origin of a bombed out house next to a railroad crossing. I plan on doing it as Germany, Spring '45, and need assistance/guidence on how to paint the building & rubble, the cobblestone roadway and wood over the RR crossing itself. Watching various programs on History, History International and the Military Channel, I see that the bricks used in Germany during that time (and still) are a greyish colour. So any direct help, or point me in the right direction will be of a great help. Thanks, Tim
  19. Jim, Sorry, but we have no hobby shops in Sumter, we only just got a Micheals last year. If we need kits or supplies, it means a road trip to Columbia, there is a HobbyTown on Two Notch & on Broward Parkway (Harbison) and a local hobby shop on State Street in West Columbia nhear the State Museum. Have a safe trip down, if you can, drop by one of our meetings, 6PM on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the County Library on Westmark Blvd, next to SAFE Federal Credit Union. Tim
  20. Model Master also makes it in 1/2-oz. bottle & spray can. your local hobby shop "should" have it
  21. That rocks, thanks guys. Timmy
  22. Hi guys, I'm working on the Revell of Germany PaK-40 in 1/35th and using the Eduard E/B set for the Tamiya kit to dress it up a bit. I can figure out most of the bits, but don't know what the Tamiya part #s B-26 & B-27 correspond to on the RoG kit. So might anyone have the instructions for the Tamiya kit and scan or photo the step that B-26 & B-27 are in? Thanks, Tim
  23. David, Hudson & Allen make/made a set called "Pine Boughs" and they looked great. I still have some, so if you need a few, let me know. Tim
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