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  1. TimDarrah

    Late War figures needed for a 251/1D

    Hey guys, I'm looking for 3-5 German dudes to fit in the back of a 1/35th Tamiya Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf. D in late WW2 uniforms in a relaxed pose. Any ideas? I did find on Military Miniatures Warehouse, First Legion figures 35037, 35038 & 35039, but they are in mi-War (Stalingrad) uniforms. They could work, but what I'm looking for. Thanks, Tim
  2. TimDarrah

    M60A3 DUALTEX camo info ?

    Well, that Tankograd book arrived today. Definitely get "Tankograd American Special #3022 - M60A2, M60A3 & AVLB" if you want to build the AVLB. It doesn't really help if you're going to build a A2 or A3 in my opinion. But then, who am I? ;-)
  3. TimDarrah

    M60A3 DUALTEX camo info ?

    Thanks Mark, I always know you have my back my friend.
  4. TimDarrah

    M60A3 DUALTEX camo info ?

    Guys, thanks for the info. I have the Tankograd book for the M60A2, M60A3 and the bridge lying track (don't remember what code it is) on the way & it should be here this week. Hopefully it'll have some more photos of this scheme. Thanks again for your input. Tim
  5. TimDarrah

    M60A3 DUALTEX camo info ?

    I have the Tankograd book "MASSTER-MERDEC-DUALTEX" and it interests me bigtime. I've already done a M163 in the MASSTER scheme and am looking at doing a M113A2 and/or M60A3 in the DUALTEX scheme. Might anyone have or know if there is schematic on how they were supposed to be painted? Anything similar to what was done for the MERDEC schemes, I have that already. 've already looked on the net and found a few photos but nothing that really helps me much. Thanks, Tim
  6. TimDarrah

    Nebelwerfer Arming Wires ?

    Yep, that'll work. Thanks
  7. TimDarrah

    Nebelwerfer Arming Wires ?

    I've looked but cannot find how the Neberwerfer rockets were armed. Might anyone know? I know with my experiences with fully armed A-10s during Desert Storm and Southern Watch, the arming wire for AGM-65 Mavericks are located in the rear end of the missile and connects with a small canonplug at the rear of the launcher rail. Might the Nebelwerfer be similar? Thanks, Tim
  8. TimDarrah


    Check with Starfighter Decals, he has several generic decal shets that might be of use to you.
  9. TimDarrah

    WW2 C-47 National Insignia size?

    Thanks. I'll be useing my Techmod #72410 decal sheet and it has 50", so I guess I'll be useing those. Thanks again for the info. As I build mostly fighters, my "heavies" info is lacking. Tim
  10. TimDarrah

    WW2 C-47 National Insignia size?

    Hey guys, I've looked through my personal library and on-line and I cannot find what I'm looking for, might any of you know? I am working on the 1/72nd Airfix C-47 and have some custom made decals for it, but the kit does not come with US National Markings for 1944, what size were the wing & fuselage "stars & bars"? The kit comes with 4 same size three-color US National markings are about 8.5 feet long, about 102 inches and the circle is about 4.5 feet across or about 54 inches. Thanks for your help, Tim
  11. TimDarrah

    WW1 German biplane on this site's home page question

    I echo what Gil said about Blue Max stuff, I had a 1/72nd kit of theirs and boy was that a rough build.
  12. As always, thanks for posting the minutes of the meeting. I find it disheartening that out of 222 chapters only 58 have completed or almost completed the recharter. But then this info is from last month, so hopefully the late-renewers numbers will have come up by now. I definitely know how difficult it is with the recharter season.
  13. TimDarrah

    L/F: Porsche 956/962 wheel decals

    Thanks Eric, I just plan on "stealing" the wheel decls from my Tamiya Canon 956 then using thar 956 as something else (I already have a built-up Canon 956 in my display case - the old Protar kit).
  14. TimDarrah

    L/F: Porsche 956/962 wheel decals

    Thanks Eric. I'll check Hiroboy
  15. TimDarrah

    F-16 "Have Glass" Paint Scheme

    I work Transient Alert at Shaw AFB, SC and have had a couple of jets with the new paint come through. As stated eariler, they are one shade overall with the radome painted in "normal" F-16 paint & color. The paint didn't look that bad, we've seen a lot worse of the normal F-16 schemes, but one reason why the paint doesn't hild up is due to the type of soap used for the 90-day washes, it just doesn't work that well. I had that problem when I crewed A-10s during my 20 years in the USAF; the soap we had to use barely took off the grime. Hope this info helps, Tim