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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Neo. Yeah, these kits can be posed dynamically, so... 🙂
  2. Thank you Eric. More to come.
  3. Ok, so this little gem (in 1/100 scale), is a kit I won as part of the Gundam Grand Prix event that was sponsored by the local anime-japanese-otaku yearly convention "San Japan", here in San Antonio, Texas. I won the kit thanks to the famous Odaiba diorama y'all saw on the latest IPMS Journal. It is a limited, exclusive and special edition of the originator of all the Gundam things: the RX-78-2. In this case, the plastic sprues are clear and translucent, and some parts are colored (the original plastic is colored, not that Band ai colored them after the "imprint"). It is only sold at "The Gundam Base", the Gundam mega-store in Japan. But you can buy it on-line, or buy the regular version with normal plastic sprues. Just look for "Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. 3". Enough. Now photos. Photo of me, the Odaiba diorama and the RX-78-2 kit.
  4. Very intresting! The mini-figures genre is growing and growing.
  5. That is correct, Neo. Of course the hard-core Gunpla guys will tell you that not all of them are great. But for a piece like this, it is solid and easy to pose. I received the water decals, and I'll upload new photos.
  6. Thank you Neo, for your comments on the "armpits". Yes, inner frames for Gunpla is not very much a matter of detailing... unless it has a very intricate inner frame - I always give a coat of either Gun Metal, Metallic Gray or the like. And I guess Brian meant Marie Kondo for "Kondo-ing", the Japanese lady that teaches how to neatly clean your house - so Brian was cleaning his stash and giving away old kits (he can always correct me if I'm wrong). Also, nice to check on the B-Club magazine. Now we have "Hobby Japan" and other magazines that cover the ever growing amount of hobbies in Japan - including traditional modeling. Of course, Gunpla is the main theme.
  7. Here's my WIP at hand. The Gundam Red Astray, Hi-Resolution version. It is a gorgeous kit right out of the box, given the fact that Bandai made all sorts of efforts to get a kit which you can just build, no need for painting if you don't want to. Still missing the decals.
  8. Well said, guys! It is indeed kinda quid pro quo in the sense that one can share any theme, talk about it, and continue making a community. Our local Gunpla Club, San Antonio Gundam Association, is planning to get a couple of our experienced IPMS judges to a session for reviewing IPMS standards on judging, plus whatever recommendations they can give. So, we learn from each other.
  9. Here are more photos. If you want to see an overview of Model Fiesta 39, you can go to the Alamo Squadron Web Page and check on the video there (which by any strange reason, I'm the one on the "coder" of the video).
  10. Thank y’all for the kind words expressed towards my work. I haven’t been in Japan myself but I’m planning to go. And yes, Gunpla is getting more adepts, and the possibilities are mind blowing for this genre of plastic models. I wanted to make the diorama as accurate as possible, so I used Google Earth for measurements of the plaza, and the angles of pathways and the mall front itself. Not all is 100% accurate because of practical reasons for ~1/150 scale, but it gives you the sense of the plaza. And talking about growing the Gunpla community, here are some photos of the past Model Fiesta 39, here in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago. Thank you again for your comments! - Gerardo “Jerry” Escobedo-Sainz
  11. MODEL FIEST 35 SEMINARS Alexander Wence De Leon will also give a semniar/demo, not yet in this schedule, but we are opening a new area for more seminars!
  12. Hello friends! I'm glad to let you know that the IPMS Club "Alamo Squadron" is ON to have its 35th Model Fiesta in San Antonio, Texas; on February 20th, 2016. Hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM (award ceremony at 4 PM), all Central Standard Time. The Fiesta will be held in the San Antonio Event Center, with 55,000 square foot of scale modeling related activities. Among them are: - Model Contest - Hobby related stores - Meet and greet World War II, Korea and Vietnam pilots - Seminars - Raffles - Meet more modelers from around USA and Mexico - Display table for non-contest models - Kids area - More things that I don't recall. As usual, we are having our Heroes and Aces dignataries in house. Some of the pilots to meet and greet are: - Richard 'Dick' Cole, Jimmy Doolittle's co-pilot on airplane #1. He just turned 100 years young, and is one of the only 2 survivors of the Dollittle Raiders. - General Frank Gailer, P-51 ace over Me-109's and FW-190's, and POW of the Germans. - General Steve Ritchie, F-4 ace over 5 Mig-21 victories. He is going to give a talk about his experience as F-4 pilot. - Col. Dean Caswell - F4U ace and survivor of the Bunker Hill kamikaze attack. - Col. Frank Frazier, F-86 & F-4 pilot over 2 Mig-15 victories. - Local chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen pilots. More information for the event and rules in the Alamo Squadron web site: Home CONTACTS: Event Director: Rob Booth (830) 739-8767 [email protected] Vendor Coordinator: John Kress (210) 857-6154 [email protected] PDF file of the Flyer is attached. MF 35 FLYER.pdf
  13. Congratulations, my friends, or another successful event at the Basset Center... er... Place!
  14. Very nice little gem, Dick!
  15. Work has been preventing me to post on the forum... still lurking around other posts though. But here she is... all dressed up. I present you... Princess Elizabeth... the P-51 Mustang C I really enjoyed building this model. I recommend it 100%.
  16. Thank you for the kind words, friends. Yeah, paper models, you don't paint them... but you have to sculpt them somehow. Landing gear. There are rolls of paper and a piece of wire in the middle. And now, the wheels. I prepare the carton-sandwish, then put it on the driller, with a bolt in the middle. Again, I use cereal box carton for this. Not perfect, but not that bad... don't you agree? Then I paint them with a black sharpie.
  17. After viewing and reviewing some of the great posts you guys have in the forum, I took a deep breath and I leave you for your consideration, this P-51 Mustang, paper model, depicting the "Princess Elizabeth" namesake, and to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The model can be obtained at www.ecardmodels.com, as an electronic file (PDF). I printed the model in cardstock, 80 lb, laser printer. The kit comes with 7 pages - one for the cover, one for building diagrams, 4 with model diagrams, one with formers diagrams to be laminated in cardboard (I use cereal boxes). I cut out the rudder and ailerons. I also cut out the flaps, so they can appear as dropped. The airframe is butt-to-butt, and there is no strips to attach each fuselage cylinder with the next one, but you can make them easily. The kit has very good fit. I recommend it 100%. The fuselage parts, without formers. I needed to add a little reinforce to the pilot's place. I achieved this by adding a no-brainer reinforce below the base. Then I attached the seat. The fuselage was ready with the radio area in place (no radio box yet). Then, very carefully, I snapped in the pilot's office. left the aft parts pending until I had the pilot seat in place. So far, so good. From below the fuselage, and thru the wing openings, I introduced my tweezers to fix the seat. Then added a little swipe of glue (good old Elmer's) to fix it - not before, but after the seat was in place. Then the tail. The cockpoit is closed. For this canopy, I used the two window pieces on the model, and in the middle I put acetate paper like a sandwich. Now I am treating the paper to give it shape. I used a metal rod from a medical syringe. Then I detach flaps and ailerons. Then I put together the wings skeleton. These are the laminated parts in cereal boxes. The skeleton is very easy to do, but as the paper is think, there is no need for more. To each piece I add a little piece of paper strip to simulate the separation for flaps and ailerons. Then I build the whole wing body. And wings to the fuselage. The flaps are detached and falling as a respond to gravity and lack of hydraulic liquid pressure - I kow you know better :blu-plane: I will post more in a little.
  18. Nice! Very good you had a dry day to enjoy. And I bet the clouds overhead added a great backround to the whole event.
  19. Thanks GIl and Mark! Yeah, in Europe PM is a little more common than here in the Americas. i hope to upload and start a new thread soon.
  20. Thank you Dick! I'll sure do!
  21. Hello friends! My name is Gerardo Escobedo-Sainz, and although I am from Juarez, Mexico, I lived three years in Monterrey, Mexico, And then the company I work in sent me to San Antonio, Texas, 7 months ago - and I'm loving the city. I've been a papel modeler for 7 years now, and been in the El Paso and Monterrey IPMS clubs. Then I found the Alamo Squadron club here and I've felt welcome by all the people there. And now I've got my IPMS Official Membership, YEAH! :D I know there are some paper guys around the forum (yo, Chris!). And I'm eager to learn from the Plastic community more techniques I can apply to card models. I give credit to my fellow modelers at El Paso and Monterrey, for I learned a big deal with them. But I cannot go without giving credit also to all my friends at the Paper Model Forums around the World. I'm glad to be here. I hope to meet many of you in the IPMS events. Best Regards - Gerardo My Blog on Paper Models: paperjerry.blogspot.com
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