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  1. Dave -Thanks - I am compiling a book for these bike kits.Later this year I will offer a resin, p/e set , and instructions on how to build this bobber and others. The rims and hubs I cast and the spokes are .019 brass rod.Look closely at this pic and you will see the progression of the wheels. This bike illustrates the point that m/c models will not get to the trophy round with kit spokes. This model took Best in Show , Best Bike , Best Automotive subject at our IPMS show and takes top honours whenever shown.
  2. Every car has a paint code on a manufacturer's plate somewhere on the vehicle.
  3. Nort -Thanks and keep guessin'
  4. Matt , Fletch , Mike , Jay -Thanks for the comments, I am a little restrictive on the photo display, but here is a few more...
  5. An alternative use for Italeri's WW 2 motorcycle kit. May show up at the '12 Nat's...
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