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  1. I'll add my congratulations to all who put this on. Great Job! My wife and my daughter and I had a magical time there, as they say in Disney speak. Not only was the convention great, but the staff at the whole park was exceptional. I've never seen such wonderful people working together so happily before. Especially with the crowds they had. Disney cast members really lived up their reputation for us. We arrived the Friday before the convention started and managed to see all 4 main parks and a water park. Rode every major ride, sometimes twice. I almost forgot there was a model show....almost. The Kennedy Space Center tour was also exceptional. Again well done. I hope we here in Colorado can do as great a job.

    Doug D

  2. A Duplex Drive Sherman in 1/35 would be nice. A nice new BergePanther, any Ausfrurung, by Dragon would be neat also. I'm waiting for the 1/350 Atlantal class cruiser from Dragon as well. The wish list is getting shorter and shorter for me, as is my storage and shelf space.


  3. Yes, it was a good show. Actually, the Nationals in 2013 will be in the Loveland, Co. area, just off I-25. The Colorado Springs guys are the guys behind it, however, the Loveland facilities were the ones that worked best for them, even with the distance between them. All the local Colorado chapters will be helping out in one way or another.


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