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  1. As some of you may be aware, Florida has had record breaking amounts of rainfall, in the double digit numbers of inches. I took a few pictures of my yard, with the doggies happily romping in "Lake Smurf". About 7-8 inches of water, and as much under the house foundation. A sump pump has been slowly draining this over the last few days. Never before seen rainfall amounts in my 35 years here by the coast, can you say "Global Warmimg"? I knew that you could. This has kept us quite busy, and model building work is at a halt while we clean up the mess. When the new version of the standard Jupiter 2 Space Saucer, is finally completed, I will post final images here. Providing we don't float away first! Forecasts indicate more rain today and tomorrow, could it be "the shape of things to come", as geologist/meteorologist/futurist, Micheal Scallion, predicted, some years ago? He predicted worldwide coastal changes, and that Florida would recede dramatically, and become a chain of Islands. Bummer.......... "Spinner" and "Spice", our female Labs, in the new lake! "The little pump the could", works on the flooded foundation..........whrrrrr..........
  2. Sounds sweet! No, not mine Dave, although if I had been there to compete, and had the time to create one for the show, I would have loved to give it my best shot! Thanks for thinking of me, maybe I will try to do one, for sometime in the near future. It's not the desire lacking, just lack of time!
  3. I'm thinking a few more movies and then BAM! A new tv series, just a feeling............
  4. I saw a bigger version............somewhere..oh the mind unravels at my age........... If I run into it again I'll post a link.
  5. HoHo! I plan on going to see the film this week, or the next, and yep, I'm sure I'll have to answer that question sometime in the near future Mike.
  6. Jeez, could have used a toy version at least, has Newsweek's cover budget sunk so low?
  7. Cool! Keep us updated on your progress Mike!
  8. Checked out the web a bit, sure enough there's a toy version of the new Enterprise with some lighting, and a Phaser and Tricorder from ST XI, with lighting and sound, rod.com sells the Phaser for 20 bucks plus ship, Toys R Us has both for 15 bucks. There's collectible figures out as well. You'll see kits within a few months, especially if the film does as well, as anticipated. That's just a guess, but seems plausible. Have not been to a movie theater in many years, but to see XI, on the "big screen", I might just do that! Previews look good, should be "interesting"................
  9. They have merchandise out? Thanks for the info philp, kits should not be too far behind!
  10. Indeed! I've been waiting to see that, thanks for the update!
  11. Saw that, Mr. Thinnes was also in the first "X-Files" film, or one of the 2 part episodes, not sure which at this time, if you recall. He really was the first "Fox"-type characters, in a TV series on UFO's, that had more serious overtones, one of my favorites!!
  12. Hey Gang! Just got back from the Bahamas, interesting posts. I kinda' go along with the "Drake Equation" that supports the theory that, "as the Universe is so vast, the possibility of alien life seems very probable", but it's only a theory of course. Wouldn't mind seeing some serious "proof" myself. What I saw was not an aircraft or a Star, or anything like that. 2 Pulsing lighted orbs, near Mt Rainier doing a "dance" in the sky above me once, in the 90's, were quite surreal! And a craft, with red exhaust, going extremely fast, one night, following the Daytona Beach shoreline, at about 200 feet from the ocean, heading true North, was extremely strange. Could be one of our experimental craft, but I strongly doubt it, as it was somewhat "Triangular" in configuration, and was just a tad different than the Belgium version I built a while back. The "object" made no sound at all, not even a whisper, don't think even our stealth planes have that capability. Have had a few other sightings, may write about those in future posts. Right now, gotta unpack, and pay attention to my doggies.
  13. Thanks for your kind comment Beer! It's rather tricky to light models, as most are not designed for lighting. Using tiny fiber optic filaments, various LEDS, tiny cathode tubes, making sure no light leaks are seen to ruin the illusion, not an easy thing. The Chariot was much like a car, but a completely "open" cab design, a car with headlights, a protrusive dashboard, and Seats, gives you a lot of hiding room in comparison. Like all facets of modeling, it takes time, and a lot of mistakes first, to get a "handle on it". Try simple stuff first, then elaborate as you learn new tricks. Takes a few years, to get somewhat proficient, at adding this element to "out of the box/store shelf" kits. Thanks again, much appreciated.
  14. A few film clips, on U Tube, I posted a few days ago, show more variety of lighting, and the Pods interior control display's color scheme, in action. Here's a link to one of these clips You should be able to make out more of the lighted details on this clip, there are 5 other Pod clips, posted there as well.
  15. Unfortunately, I can only post a few seconds of film. There is a mixture of red to bue flashers, and green, bue, red, and yellow colored effects, at differently sequenced speeds, which blend into each other. On a full rotation of the programmed effects, the entire Fusion Core, and interior "light show", takes almost 40 seconds, powering up, or down. A dozen? I wish! This is the first results of working with this kit, and early results of "perfecting" a standard light system for it's creation. Next up, is a Jupiter 2 Standard build project. Thanks for the kind words, I think it did turn out rather nicely, even in my book!
  16. Well fellow members, here it is, the Lost in Space "Pod" display! After roughly a month or so, the results of this very first version of the Moebius kit are posted below. If you wish to see the lighting activated, there are 3 film clips, on the www.thekitfactory.com , workbench page, I apologize for the page load time, those film clips do have a lot of bytes! The Pod has forward lighted search lights, animated Fusion Core, interior Control Panel, and Main Console, fiber optic lighting effects, and displayed on a Presentation Base, with a 9 Volt power source, hidden in the Base.
  17. Nice!! Never seen the kit before, but it's way cool! Well done Jim, love it!
  18. Nice detailing work Mike, well done!
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