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  1. Oh, and my apologies for "crossing the neutral zone", I know this isn't my section, just wanted to add a helpful note on my experience with this stuff. As I said, the post caught my eye, and I wanted to add just a little more data on this thread, hope that's all right. I'm just passin' through................... .............back to the SF and Fantasy section I go!
  2. Good point John, you gotta wonder what exactly that "residue" is???? Not really something I want added to my daily dietary intake, yuck!!!
  3. I was waiting for someone to mention that little "detail". Indeed, a true money saver, great for masking purposes, however, on enamels, in my personal experience, and Florida's merciless humid climate, it leaves a little "residue" that is a tad difficult to remove. If you are going to attempt removing that tiny "crud", do it softly, patiently, no hard pressure, with a moist (not wet) q-tip, easy does it, and only after the paint has cured a few days. Just my say-so, and advice, not the gospel or anything. The trick is to take the time to make it invisible. If your doing a large area, and you can manage to put a plain sheet of copy paper, cut to fit, between the P and S, and the masked surface, it prevents this. Again, the area being masked should be fully cured, or "bad things" will happen. This post caught my eye, as press and seal, has been a standard in most prop studios, for some time now. Glad you guys now know about it. I would have mentioned it, but no one ever asked? Again, it works pretty good, but don't trust it until you've used it many times OK? B)
  4. Just wanted to announce a "first" on the new website, built models and props, for immediate delivery! Added a page which contains items I've had in storage, or from my personal collection. A few are projects ordered that the client "pooped out" on, and didn't pay off. Bad Smurf! Not going to say they are cheap, my work goes for pretty decent fees nowadays. However, any IPMS member that is really interested in buying one, will get a 10% discount off the posted item price, just don't click the paypal button on the site, contact me directly to work it out. With all the funds I used up revamping my intranet, I'm selling stuff I would not normally part with, some very choice items found there, at this time. Once their sold off, that's all folks. Only one of each, and one is an actual prototype illuminated Voyager, very frakkin' rare!! Check it out at: http://www.simonmercs.biz/props_and_models_for_sale I'd love to see a few members, who have enjoyed my work, get one for their own collection, but as always, no pressure. Times are tough right now, and these are strictly "non-essential", and purely, "heart's desire" purchases. The site has grown into 17 pages! Recently added, a very cool "FX Gallery", with a load of images of models and props, done in different backgrounds, by amateurs, and professionals! A "Products" page, with a new line of modeling goodies, for SF builders as well. Hope you check it out, even if it's just a bit of "Window Shopping", thanks all! :lol:
  5. It's been quiet around here for a bit, so here's something new to look over. I've been working on a new version of our popular "standard" Jupiter 2 model, for almost 2 months now. Recent flooding in Florida, and a "meltdown" of my intranet, and website, took it's toll on my time, but all is repaired now. Just began to add lighting effects, LED and fiber optic, to the Polar Lights Jupiter 2 build, I'm presently crafting in the studio. Here's a few shots, and a link to the U Tube video of the Command Console. It's not fully lighted yet, but you'll get the idea of where it's going. Here's the U Tube link
  6. Shame, I might have been able to restore it, so it goes..............
  7. It's all "moot" anyways, there were 4 left, 3 days ago, Tony at Comet knew I wanted one, but never got in touch, which means, they are all gone. I can almost guarantee that this kit will be so sought after, blood may be spilled! Only 20 in the World!! Jeez, even 1000 units would have made this ultra-rare! I'll just have to be satisfied building it, and having the images, client gets the "goodies".
  8. In this case, yes, it's fully and legally licensed, how unusual!
  9. I noticed the image is not "sticking" to this post, could be a anti-copy guard at work, or simply, my ISP is messed up due to a storm here. Please let me know if this is happening to you as well. If you can't see the image, just click on the link to the site, there's 3 nice shots of this kit in progress. Sorry for the minor inconvenience, I've tried reposting 3 times with the same results. Thanks
  10. I was contacted early this week, by a client looking for the now defunct, and illegally produced (No Licensing) TVC15 resin "Spinner" kit, from the film, "Blade Runner". Cast in Japan, and rarely available on E Bay, this 7 inch kit was really the only version of this movie prop available to modelers, well, until now. I searched High and Low for this kit, some have searched for years. What was even more frustrating, is that I had one of them in my storage area, as it's the next project on my production schedule. Submitted by a client about a year ago, it's a typical resin garage kit. Quite by accident, I hit a link to Comet Miniatures, the British site, a prestigious and long lived part of the modeling community. I have several Comet kits, some over 40 years old, still in the shrink wrap! I found one, but boy oh boy, what a kit!!! 24 inches long, and prop quality detailing! Functional Gull Wing Doors, and Laser etch metal parts, can you say Sweeeeet? Bad news, only 20 are being cast by the makers, Studio 2, very limited run, and they run 800.00, plus shipping, each! I got my client motivated, and he got one. Also found out that out of the 20, all were pre-sold except for 4 more, bummer, I wanted one too! Long story short, this is sure to be the "Holy Grail" of the Spinner, no ifs or buts. Here's a link, http://www.comet-miniatures.com/browse.php...=15&zone=11 Here's an image of this unusually high quality prop kit!! I'm going to blow some mental fuses when I get done painting and lighting this one! Can you say "Potential IPMS Journal Cover Story?" I knew that you could!!!
  11. Um, ikar, I'm a propmaker, what's wrong with the helmet?
  12. Those are so cool! Looked like they used real pistols, very modern issues, then the prop guys added details, like that forward "Grip", or "Power Pack", or whatever it was, just very realistic looking. Indeed VFA127, checked out the auction a while back, serious prices for those. Not unusual for "screen-used" props however. I have a Han Solo Mauser (Broomstick) prop replica, accurate down to the smallest detail, that is darn nice replica, and it cost me, well....a LOT! The 2 "screen-used" Star Trek Phasers I own, cost about the price of a good used car nowadays. My "screen-used" Hypo, from the original Star Trek series, with documentation, cost over $2,000.00, so you get an idea of what this stuff goes for. I have quite a collection, and it's worth serious money, but lately, I've been in "Guitar" mode. Just scored a Jackson Professional Strat, and a classic Fender Strat. So a BSG piece is out of the question for now. My Wife is already in "Kill" mode, over my little purchases, of these last couple of weeks. Interesting post!
  13. Me too!! Best ST film in the series, no doubt about it!!
  14. Oh yeah, it recoiled in a crouch, remember that. I'd have to go through the Hoth scene, and do a frame capture of that. if your PC plays DVDS, then most likely you have the option of "capturing" a frame, and saving it in your pictures file, as a jpg. Try it!
  15. Finally some artwork, not a clip, however the pose of that forward leg, is how I do my version, good data there. Hope that helps Bun!
  16. This ones a blast! Forward view.
  17. Here y'a go Bun, is this what you need?
  18. WOW! Now that is some very nice work Mike! The Hull panel detailing is superb, and I love to see that "extra effort" on augmented things, like drilled out gun barrels. I have heard that kit is a joy to build. Well done! Please post final results, bet it's gorgeous completed.
  19. Thanks Ed, when you love what you do, you do it a lot, and hopefully, with some decent results on occasion. Indeed, the situation made me get my nerve together, for the grueling task of posting all that material, and adding captions to 100's of images, several days work on there. Now that it's done, I'm quite pleased with these results, over my rather "clunky" first site. Videos are locking up the pc? Mmmm...try updating your drivers if it's a Windows system, gotta be, if it was a Mac, you wouldn't be having the problem. Pareto Logic has a program called "Driver Cure", 50 bucks, but worth every penny. Or, your video processor card is fried, can you say "Tme to get a new machine"? I knew that you could. How long has it been since you did a format? Painful I know, but it would solve it, if it isn't the video card, or a failing hardware issue. The site contains about 30% of the work I have on file, didn't want to overdo it. If your jaw dropped, I'm truly honored, and it sounds like the effect on visitors, I was aiming for! Again, many thanks for that revue!
  20. Thank you Mike, nice to hear after, a LOT of hours spent on it, much appreciated!!
  21. Never had a problem, it is Thomas's site, and he treated me very well. Just mention Papa sent you, should be fine. Let me know if it isn't, I'll look into it if that's case. Happy building!
  22. OMG! Welcome to decal "Hell" Mike, honestly, I'd rather airbrush the Aztec patterns, less agonizing. But if your going to do it this way, I am rooting for you to succeed! The kit has some very nice decals, and do give PNT's website a look a well, nice brass laser-etched after-market parts for this kit there, you will want those as well!
  23. Well, it had to happen eventually, my old website ran for a straight seven years, non-stop, and crashed earlier this week. The Yahoo sitebuilder program has become unstable, and Yahoo is scrambling to get smal business internet site developers to switch to site solution. I realized something was up, when I tried to update my site, and the program ran endlessly for over 16 hours. It never finished publishing, hence, time to motivate and redo the site a year ahead of schedule. This new site has some nifty features, gallery style pages with a slide show option. I'm not happy with the video library as the videos I have posted on U-tube, the only ones the program allows you to post, are low quality quick-time, and not HD that this program, and U-Tube, allow and show off in a much nicer light. Obviously a data space saving idea that is good for the Yahoo Corp., not so much for me. However, I have an I Mac, with a serious set of graphic hardware and software augments on the way, some radical upgrades are still yet to come with OS technology! :lol: I'm still "tweaking" and developing the site right now. If you have any suggestions or help you want to share, please do. Check out the work so far at www.simonmercs.biz and let me know what you think? I have received numerous e-mails with some very nice and positive comments, on the speed and easy interface, this site provides over my last rather clunky, and cluttered, attempt. "Dammit Jim! I'm a model builder, not a web designer!"
  24. Well you would be "De Man" for the job Don! I've been using your clear, Monogram Voyager Sensor replacement part kit, for many years! Great stuff! A big Welcome as well, didn't realize you had joined our little group!
  25. Indeed Ikar, been dry as a bone for ages, and next week , is the start of the 2009 hurricane season! "When it rains, it pours"! Me? A lefty? No way Dude, I'm a Smurf-Capitalist, but secretly, I have hugged a tree or two, in the past, Sssshhhh....don't tell anyone! (Guess all those Rivers polluted themselves Huh?)
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