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  1. Here's just a few of the props I've reproduced from the Original Star Trek series, and one from the second Star Trek Movie! A "Phaser One" build, 1/1 scale, using the Roddenberry.com kit. A "Type III Beak Nosed" Klingon disruptor, also a rod.com kit. The infamous "Agonizer" device, from one of the best original series episodes, "Mirror, Mirror". All of these "stayed home" and are part of my personal collection. What's in yours? Please share, thanks!
  2. I believe it was first done for "Earthquake" by the "Master of Disaster"! Great stuff for the time! A really marvelous era of Film-making!
  3. OH! And I almost forgot to add my most popular figure build request, the original "Lost in Space" series "B9" Robot. This is a 16 inch Masudaya vinyl and styrene kit built for a client a while back, on the painting table, just finished!
  4. Although these rank as Figures, they are all sci-fi in nature, or fantasy themed, so here's where I'm posting them! A 36 inch Wingspan Dragon from the film "Dragonslayer"! The psychotic robot, "ED-209" FROM "Robocop", needs a little dusting! "Gort" from "The Day the Earth Stood Still", with "Laser Eye" effect circuit! "Ripley" in Halcyon's great "Power Loader" kit, from "Aliens". Calvin, as "Spaceman Spiff" in a rare resin "Garage Kit", from the "Calvin and Hobbes" comic strip. A rare ceramic kit, of the more sinister version of "Batman" known as the "Dark Knight" in dire straits! Another rare resin figure kit of "Necron 99", aka "Peace", from Ralph Bakshi's awesome animated film, "Wizards"! and, finally, "Robby the Robot" primarily from "Forbidden Planet", a 16 inch Masudaya vinyl and styrene kit!
  5. One of my clients was bonkers for foreign Aircraft, especially Soviet "Cold War" era ones, here are several.... Soviet TU-160 long range Bomber, 32 inches long with poseable Wings, a Russian kit. Soviet TU-22 Bomber, with Iraqui markings, an unusual request by client! A hefty 24 inches long, sorry don't have records of scales. The infamous Soviet "Backfire Bomber", 26 inches long! The Soviet "Ilyushin" mid-air Refueler, at 16 inches in length.
  6. This Tamiya tiger tank, 1:35th scale, done several years ago, is displayed in a Winter setting, with some detailed props around it on a Terrain Base. Airbrush and Hand-painted details, the image is called "Tiger Watch", reminds me of the Russian campaigns that were so damaging to the German troops, brrrrr!
  7. Here's a very detailed 14 inch figure of an Samurai Warrior character, from a Japanese anime series, called "Kenshin", hope you like it. Forgive the poor photography, this was taken years ago, before I had a decent Camera. Found some "In Production" shots that were a bit clearer, of this Figure project. He did turn out very well, and I wanted you to have a better look at this nicely detailed project, done several years ago.
  8. Commencing in a few weeks, my latest version of the USS VOYAGER Star Ship, from the "Star Trek:Voyager" series. This will utilize the Monogram 20 inch Voyager kit, and a whole bunch of electronic "Goodies"! This project features some new upgrades since the 2007 version was completed las year. A dual Photon Torpedo "Launch" light effect circuit will be added and be independently activated, in addition to the standard forward Tubes, above the Sensor Dish. Also, Outer Space Outfitters 3D "Interior Scene" rear illuminated inserts will be added to all Primary "Windows", to give the effect of "Looking into actual Rooms and Laboratories" for the viewer. A new Navigation and Strobe light circuit from "Space Circuits", and a custom-made Display Case and Clear Cover that encases the entire display, with a forward projecting "Control Panel" to activate the various effects. The Display Presentation Base and Cover, shown below, was made by my friend Glenn Buckner, at Last Pacific Creations. Notice that the "Sail Shaped" Support Rod Cover was exactly matched to the shape of the Secondary Hull of the Voyager! I'll be posting updates on this project for fellow IPMS members, right here!
  9. I saw "Inferno" with that "Rumble Surround" sound array in the Theater, very intense for a young pup. Then years later, the Pilot movie for "Battlestar Galactica", original series, was re-released with the "Rumble Surround" which was prety cool for the times!
  10. Mike Myers, a very talented friend of mine told me of this site, and it's chock full of great Irwin Allen information! And, a great model section, which "Jet", a very nice Webmaster, is adding me to, with her excellent graphic skills! It's got everything for the Irwin Allen fan, up-to-date info on the Stars of the Shows, a lot of great reference material on props, love that part, and bio's on all the Actors and Show's! It's a real "Baby-Boomer's" paradise, lots of good memories found there, check it out! Tell "Jet", Papa Smurf sent you. http://www.iann.net/models/index.htm
  11. Indeed! As the newly assigned moderator to this section, gosh, Mom would be proud, I really want to see your cool stuff posted! C'mon, don't be shy, post that project!
  12. I'd guesstimate 100.00 Rusty, as it's no longer available, it really depends how badly a potential buyer wants it.
  13. Here's a few cool pics from the site, just a "peek" at what's posted there!
  14. Many thanks cwentzel, nice of you to say. The layout the IPMS staff did, was just incredible! I love to build Armor, and Military Jets, and Subs, but most of my clients desire Sc-fi "Memorabillia" items. It's the "Thing" these days. I loved those SF old shows too, but have many interests. But, yes, back to the main point you address, the same techniques employed in Sci-Fi builds can be used for all sorts of themes. Imagine a large scale Soviet Fighter with "Rotating Strobe" Wing and Fuselage lighting effects, and Fiber Optic detailed controls, flashing and blinking, in the Cockpit,.....Awesome!! I've always wanted to build a big "Desert Fox" diorama with a columm of Staff Car, a couple of Armored Cars, Halftracks, and few juicy Panzers in there, with illumination details! Open Tank Hatches revealing lighted interiors. The possibilities are , well, .....endless.......that's the beauty of modeling!
  15. Hello there, nice new Forum you have here, I was on the older version, seems my prior posts are now history! I was just published in this month's IPMS Journal, the Refit on the Cover is my "Baby"! If anyone wishes to see more of this build, and a multitude of others, please visit The Kit factory website at www.simonmercs.biz and have a look around! Lots of Irwin Allen, Star Trek, Star Wars, Military, and much more. Hope you like what you see, and let me know what you thought of the models displayed there, thanks!
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