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  1. Don't like to fly, never did. TSA only made it worse. Of the 25 or so Conventions I've attended I drove to almost all of them, including NY to Phoenix solo last time. Don't have to worry about baggage restrictions, crying or kicking kids behind me, too little space to sit comfortably or anything getting lost, stolen or broken. First time I was in Phoenix I shipped my goodies home and UPS lost them.
  2. Both the Marriott and Embassy suites list rooms available at the IPMS rate from Wednesday thru Sunday. I called the Marriott directly (on another matter) and talked to Jason in reservations directly who confirmed rooms are available at the IPMS rate.
  3. I tried to reserve a room (on the 20th) for the Convention from Tuesday to Saturday (5 days) like I do every year. The Marriott only had rooms from Thursday to Saturday at the IPMS rate. The Embassy Suites only had rooms on Wednesday and Saturday at the IPMS rate. I figured I'd try to get something at the Embassy Suites until Wednesday and then go to the Marriott. I went directly to each hotel's site and looked if there were any rooms available at any rate. The Marriott was completely booked with no rooms at all available. The Embassy Suites had rooms available every day at different rate
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