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  1. Can't wait. Leave tomorrow 6am. Looking forward to a great drive from Detroit. Hope everyone has a safe trip and we'll see you there!!!
  2. What are you bringing to Loveland? My son's entries include a Yamato and Grey Knight figure. Maybe a Camaro. I'll have a Stormraven if it gets done. Only about 80% to go. Can't wait to see all the entries. No skeletal foot from my wife this year. She's too busy to build but can't wait to see Colorado.
  3. The way I understand that the reason OOTB was created most surely is NOT being adheared to these days. OOTB stands for OUT OF THE BOX !!! In my opinion - If a modeler has to ask if something's allowed - then it's probably not. Stick to what's in the box and make a nice model out of it. If you want to add anything else,(seatbelts,foil,flocking,antennas,etc) then enter a regular category. OOTB means OUT OF THE BOX. I think the way it is now - we should do away with OOTB categories only because of the way it's misused these days. I'm sure somebody's going to get their undies in a bunch over this but this only one modelers' opinion. Thanks for listening.
  4. Just got back to Michigan this evening. Long drive but we had a blast at WDW. EXCELLENT convention at a great place. The host chapter has earned a long rest. They put on a flawless show and I'm sure everyone had a great time. I must say the seating and amount of room we had for the awards ceremony was just wonderful. I wish every awards ceremony could be just like that. Overall - PERFECT !!!
  5. All our models made it down here without a scratch. Hope the same for everyone else. See you on wednesday.
  6. Well - so much for that idea. Travis has his Ferrari done but my six-wheeler bit the dust. I messed up a couple of things being in a hurry, so I shelved it for when I have more time. Maybe it will make it in time for Colorado. Good luck to everyone else.
  7. Is it just my son and I, or is anyone else working up to the deadline to get their entries done? Travis is working on a 1/12 Tamiya Ferrari 312T4 and I'm trying to finish my 1/20 Tamiya P34 Six Wheeler. I'm sure they will both make it but we really are pushing the time limit!! Can't wait to get there. Hope everyone has a safe trip. Bob
  8. We're arriving 3 days early just to have fun at Disney.After that it's half and half with the convention. Probably days with IPMS and evenings with Walt. Can't wait !!! A bunch of us from IPMS Livonia are going to be there. We're planning an evening or two getting together for dinner and such. See you all there.
  9. Travis and I (and a few others from the Livonia crew ) can't wait. We look forward to a great contest (as usual) !!
  10. bob


    Coming from Detroit. Be there Wed. evening with wife and son. A few others coming also. We're all members of IPMS Livonia. See you there!!
  11. I was building a model at my desk in the basement one time in my bare feet. I had my feet tucked up next to the rollers on the chair. My young daughter decided to come downstairs and sneak up on old dad and say "WHAT CHA DOIN?!". I jumped so hard that I rolled the chair onto my pinkie toe and cracked the nail in half. That was many years ago and to this day everyone has strict instructions not to sneak up on unsuspecting model builders. Hurt like hell then, but very funny whenever I think of it now.
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