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  1. Top of my wish list is the 1930's Lockeed Orion in 48th. Years ago a French company did one in resin but they can't be found now even after years of searching online. Oh well. Cliff
  2. Check Google for "Silver Wings" an English company that produces several 32nd scale aircraft. Among them is a PT-17. Not cheap but very nice kits; C. Davis IPMS USA 3687
  3. For Dave Koopman Dave, get me your mailing address and I'll get the decal sheet and DVD to you. Tee shirts were only $18 or $20 for 2XL or 3XL don't know where the $45 figure came from. E-mail me at ctdavis.davis7@gmail.com Arkie convention committee member
  4. Hi Don, Thanks for your response and for noting the class "specifications". That clearfies a lot. I know that 32nd and smaller has been the cut off for scale in the auto categories. What I'm saying is that 43rd needs it's own category if there are sufficient entries, in other words a "split:. It is, as I mentioned in my previous post, like judging 72nd scale aircraft against 48th scale as most 32nd kits may lend themselves to extensive additions and modifications (such as detailed engines and / or interiors and perhaps opening panels) that simply cannot be done on a resin 43rd scale kit. I do realize that there are 43rd scale kits available that do have some of those features but they are not the norm and are seldom seen. No "sour grapes" just attempting to make a point. Arkie
  5. Hi All, Just a couple of comments and questions. First of all, having served as the national head judge for the automotive classes in the past I wish I had been informed of the committee that was giving input to the national contest committee. Too late now I assume. And since I don't spend a lot of time on the IPMS national site (retired and busy modeling) I only have myself to blame for not being informed. Now a query. What in the world is "Automotive technology and culture" as a category??? Haven't seen anything that would explain its "rules or specifications", maybe I just missed that too but it sounds rather "self serving" for someone or some group. My other comment asks why are some of the scales lumped together? 43rd competing with 32nd ! That's like an aircraft category judging 72nd scale against 48th scale kits...apples and oranges! Obviously I build a lot of 43rd scale stuff so that's a little self serving also but it still does not seem appropriate. Additional comments would be welcome. Arkie... IPMS/USA 3687
  6. You're right Gil, I too would like to see the judging teams set up previous to the convention. On the national registration forms it ask if you are a national judge. It would be so easy to add a question of what category (ies) and although it would pose more work for the registrar they could send a list to the various head judges and since most head judges have worked with many of the individuals they in turn could set up judging teams.....lots of work and time , but possible. As usual a judge could opt out of a category in which he or she had an entry and go to another team while that class was being judged...we see this all the time so no big controversy there. I personally know of several individuals who regularly compete (and win) at nationals in the automotive categories who just "refuse" to judge. I have in the past asked these folks to help out and they have just flat said, "No way, I'm going to do thus and such on Friday evening or just said they're not interested"...so, what to do? Volunteers are volunteers you can't force them. On the point of recruiting armor and/or aircraft judges in my experience they have been very competent in judging the "basics" which is always a major point. As to "authenticity" of a particular model sometimes they can be a little leary of weighing in on that area but all in all they have always seemed to me at least very competent as are most of the experienced judges. Now I need to go back and read more of the earlier contributions to this topic and see if a really comprehensive group of suggestions and ideas can be compiled for approaching the NCC.
  7. Having read most (but not all) of the comments on this topic I felt moved to add my two bits. Almost everyone who commented has a valid point within their discussion. Having instituted a "model car" column in the old IPMS "Update" in the '80's and having served as the national head automotive judge for several years, I think I can add some insight. First of all, several "posters" are correct in saying that there should be a finer break down in the auto categories that they are just too generic. I do NOT think that the NCC is closed to ideas for more classes within the automotive categories, it's just that someone needs to propose them. Second, there does exist a crying need for more auto class judges. At a recent national convention there were 105 aircraft judges and 3 automotive category judges!! We did finally recruit some more bodies but only with some difficulty. Three to five people just cannot judge a category with over a hundred entries and be as thorough as they should be. I got so frustrated with the hours and hours of pouring over the entries that last year I volunteered to judge the miscellaneous category just to be able to finish in a respectable time frame...one year it was almost 3:00 a.m. before the auto classes were finished....principlely due to the few judges that were there to evaluate the models on the tables. So, we who do build cars need to recruit more warm bodies who are knowledgeable in the category and get some discussion going dealing with adding new categories.
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