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  1. Thanks chaps! glad you like them :) here are two more 1/72 Hercules. The first one is the RAE's Meteorological research flight Hercules C.1 "Snoopy! as with the Orion all home made. and NOAA C.130 both are from the Italeri Kit's. Thank you for looking, I won't hog the board any longer! :) John
  2. Hi all this is my first post on the forum proper, if you've seen my fist post saying hello you'll know I quite like Canberra's but that's not my only passion. I also have a big interest in Meteorological research Aircraft and R&D types in general. This is my most resent it's a NOAA WP.2D Orion built using the Revell boxing of the old but rather good Hasegawa kit. I did all the mod's myself using milliput and other bit's and bob's, the markings are home made too, on the PC. I hope you like it. :) And all my NOAA fleat so far, the next on will be the Gulfstream IV John
  3. Thanks chaps! If you think my spelling is funny just wait till I get going; not only do I spell in English I'm also dyslexic so they can get a wee bit odd at times :) As for the models I realised after I'd posted I didn't tell any one what they are, sorry! The top on is the B.57A prototype in 1/72 using the Italeri B.57B with an Aeroclub nose and scratch built Jaguar sounding rocket. The second one one is the English Electric A.1 the Canberra prototype using the old Airfix 1/72 B(I)6 with plastic card ruder top and fin fillet. The solid nose cone came from the Airfix B.57B. So Ron, it's all CBK! most of my 58 (ish) Canberra's are Airfix old and new. John
  4. Thanks Dick, it's not too bad here either, even the rain is warm! :) John
  5. Nice looking PR.9 there Mike! :) John
  6. Hi All I'm John from Yorkshire in the UK I thought I'd dip my toe in the other side of the pond, I've been modeling since I was a wee nipper always aircraft my dad flew P.47's with the RAF in WW II so it had to be planes!! I am the head of two UK SIG's The Aviation Ireland SIG and the Canberra SIG the two big loves of my life Ireland and the Canberra and if you combine the two you get Short's built Canberra's! :) The Avaiation Ireland SIG dosn't have a web site but the Canberra one dose IPMS UK Canberra SIG John
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