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  1. Looking good, I do like the Bird dog. John
  2. what an odd looking bird! but a nice model well done! :)
  3. I'll second that! very nice build, it's nice to have a connection with a model. John
  4. Nice work GIL, I too had a shelve slide many years ago wiped out about 90% of my Canberra models, very upsetting, My wife was full of sympathy, NOT!!! John
  5. Thanks again chaps, Mark, my dad always preferred the Thunderbolt over the other types he flew, even the Spitfire. I think one of the things he liked most was the room in the cockpit he wasn't a big lad but even in as small as he was he found the spit a wee bit cramped. Another aspect of the T-bolt was is strength, ideal for ground attack! John
  6. That's coming along very nicely!!
  7. Thanks chaps, I'm slowly working through all his aircraft, Spitfire, Dakota, Auster, Martinet, Master, Magister, Oxford and a few more. John
  8. That's looking brilliant, can't wait to see it finished!
  9. This is by way of a small (1/72) tribute to my late father who flew amongst other things, Thunderbolts with the RAF in Burma in 1945 with 79 and 34 Squadrons. The all silver 79 Sqn. P.47 was built using the Revel kit and the Camo one with the Hasegawa kit. Thanks for looking John.
  10. Very nice build!! it looks the dog's John
  11. Less is indeed more, more or less, I hope that helps :), John
  12. That's very nice Ron, it's quite a thorny subject panel lines, detail etcetera, but that dose look good. The only thing I'm not so sure about is the darkness of the lines on the lighter coloured parts, but that's just my opinion. On thing I've stumbled across by accident is on my Italeri Canberra's if I completely remove the detail when I spray the model with Silver Auto paint the ghost of the detail shows through as a brighter silver line. I guess this would only work on silver coloured aircraft though, but it dose look quite good. John
  13. Mike, I don't build cars but a big hats off to you with that paint job!!!! Top class work. John
  14. Thank you as always fellows; GIL I'm glam I've given you a bit of inspiration, you know it's hard for me to put my finger on just what it is exactly that gets me going with the Canberra but one thing is it's almost unlimited variety of colour scheme and airframe mod's. Take this Quartet, this is the story of just one Canberra WT333 built as a B(I)8 but never issued to a Squadron and like so many of her sisters spent all her life in R&D work. Going anti clockwise from the top right 333 in her original B(I)8 scheme then in the all white Australian colours, then after being fitted with a B.2 nose as happened a lot with the R&D Canberra fleat, more nose jobs than LA ! :) Then her final scheme Raspberry Ripple. Treble three is still going strong although her fling days are over she still gets a regular chance to do fast runs at her home at the ex USAF base of Bruntingthorpe. If you want to know more about her have a look at the following link. Canberra WT333. And just to show how deep my obsession goes these are almost all my 1/72 Canberra's I've since added another RB.57D (see members gallery) and the last of the treble three quartet.
  15. As with all my other Canberra models all the mod's and most of the colour schemes are home made. First one is an Italeri B.57B as used by NASA Second one another B.57B this time from Edwards AFB Teas Squadron Airfix B(I)8 Weapons research establishment Woomera Australia Airfix B.57 converted to PR.3 Meteorological Research Flight Thanks again for looking John
  16. Hi Jeff, from another newbie. I too have an ever growing stash but I've recently had a big cull, I should get through what I have left over the next 50 or so years, if I stop getting new kits :) John
  17. I've just found the build link for my WP.3D Orion if you want to see what I did. NOAA WP.3D John
  18. Hi VonL Yes it's another one of my home made mod's I can't remember now what I used exactly, but it was a drop tank from a 1/48 scale kit, Hunter or F.18? the ball for the camera turret was a chrome bead from a craft shop, I needed something with a mirror finish and the indispensable milliput! I just masked of a circle painted every thing black then added a grey coloured spot in the centre. John
  19. Did you go for that cruise VonL? Did you see anything to your liking? :) John
  20. Thanks again chaps, I'm glad you're liking them, Mosquito! Bob, you're right, it doesn't half ting if you prick yourself! I know from experience :) Now I know I said I wouldn't post any more photo's but while we're on a role I thought I'd stick these two in for your perusal. The first one is the 1/72 scale Matchbox twin Otter as flown by NASA I'll be building the NOAA one at some point. As with all the others all home made markings and Mod's Last one The Mach2 RB.57F done as one of the two WB.57F's flown by NASA. I've added the Space Shuttle tracking camera nose. Ones again thank you for your kind indulgence! John
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