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  1. This is the first part of a typical West Coast Race team that did the Regional type circuit back in the late 60s and 70s. Running at West coast tracks from Washington,Oregon, Calif. Also as far east Arizona,Neveda,Utah,Colorado, Montana. This is going to be a 4 piece build... Starting with the 72 Chevy pickup, A slide-in Camper, a 60s type Dirt Sprintcar and Race Trailer. I started with the camper and truck. I drew a set of plans for the slide-in camper as I really didn't want to cut up that AMT/Moebius camper to fit. This camper is made to represent a permanent setting on this truck. In the first set of pics I have cut all the pieces out of card stock and taped them together for a rough look and see. The second set of pics are of the Evergreen Plastic and taped together again to see how everything fits. To this point all the measurements have been pretty darn close. A little sanding here and there but it's going to work. All the Trim and roof vents and windows with trim (and of course curtains) still need to be fabbed. But...this is the start.... CARD STOCK MOCK-UP... PLASTIC W/ MINOR CHANGES Thanks for looking in folks....
  2. Hey Michael....they sure do...you can find a few on EBAY right now..That's the only place I've found them so far...
  3. WOW...that's really strange. I just went there and it's not working for me either. Hmmmm... Let's try this... http://www.resinrealm.net/ This works....On the front upper left of the page is STEVE KOHLERS...STAR MODELS...Click on that. Then on that home page.... Click on the styrene tab...choose Monogram and scroll down to the FORD 66 Mustang pace car and there it should be. I hope this helps ya Ray...
  4. Hey Bob.... You can go to this paint shop and Call Jameston Kroon @ Scale Finishes (the owner) and if you don't see it at the store...he most likely can either find it or mix it for you. Here's the link to the store.... http://www.scalefinishes.com/welcome.html Hope this helps you.
  5. Hey Ray..... You can get it here....(just click on the link)... http://www.resinrealm.net/Star/Styrene/Mon.html Hope this helps you..... It's a Monogram 66 Mustang Pace Car Kit..# 2456... You can still find them on the E-BAY too....
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol: All righty then Ed. I think you'll like the kit. Revell did good on this one. Ya know...it's nice to know that our wives have our interests in mind at Christmas...whether they know it or NOT.... :lol: Merry Christmas
  7. Thank you Gil.....Yes that would be one easy way of showing a GOOD paint shop the idea a person had in mind. It would probably make it a whole lot easier for them too...
  8. Congratulations on the WIN Andrew it is WELL deserved. Man....sorry it took so long to respond to your WIN.
  9. Thank you Clare. I got the License plates on the car. Another builder on SA posted the plate Numbers for me. He blew up a few pics from a search. Got them on yesterday and that's the finishing touch.
  10. Thanks for the compliments Gil and Mark...... I've got this puppy finished. I didn't put plates on because I couldn't see them. I guess this will have to stay on ALL the back streets...away from the coppers!! :smiley16: .... :lol: Here's the "BAD TO THE BONE" Movie car.... Thanks for looking in on this "mini" wip folks...It was a kick to build....
  11. Thank you Clare...That color just jumps out at ya don't it? I'll bet it had everybody looking at you guys when roll'in down the road eh? Definitely can not miss that color....
  12. Here's an update...The finished interior is mocked up in place for a look. The engine bay was shot black this morning and seems to work with the firewall colors. As soon as the hood and engine bay completely dry...the decals will be added and maybe clear shot on the body. Here's a look at the body and interior mock up..... As always....thanks for look'in in folks....
  13. Thank you ED and Mark. Just got the plug wires finished. Now...Got to get to the body and finish that. The windshield frame has this padding type stuff that I have to add. I did strip all the chrome and used ALSA chrome and it sure stands up a lot longer than Alclad. It's spendy....but works pretty darn good. I'll tape off the frame and paint the padding on. That will be a good test for the chrome.
  14. Well...it's been quite sometime since I've built a street car. So...while watching the movie "PLAY IT TO THE BONE" staring...Antonio Banderas, Woody Harrelson, Lolita Davidovich as the three MAIN characters in the movie. The car in the movie belonged to Lolita and she drove the two guys to Vegas for an undercard fight( washed up pro-boxers). This car got my attention as the long shots really made that car look and sound good. Sooo...I thought it would be a kick to build this movie car. I started this build a few months back using the Revell 72 Hurst Olds as the basses for the build. The interior is complete along with the chassis. Here are a few pics of that progress..... THE 1/1 car for ref... The finished interior... The Chassis... Grill and wheels are finished also... Started the plumbing and wiring of the engine.... Forgot to add the body shots....Got the Green laid down and I want to tape off and do the black under hood and engine bay..that should be done soon...Hopefully... LOL Thanks for looking in folks.
  15. Hey Ray....No 66 convertable kit. But...monogram makes a 64 that you can make into a 66. Kit # 2456. It's the Indy Pacecar. You can get one for $13.00 at Star models...Steve is a great guy to work with. Make sure you call him to make sure he still has the kit in stock. Here's the link( just click on it).....Scroll down to the Fords and you see the 64 Mustang pace car. http://www.resinrealm.net/Star/Styrene/Mon.html You can upgrade the 64 into the 66 by using the 66 Mustang Photo etch kit from Model car Garage. I bought this kit and it worked out good for my 66 stang. Here's the link for that... http://modelcargarage.com/store/pc/viewCategories.asp?pageStyle=p&ProdSort=0&page=2&idCategory=21 This should get your 66 Stang for you....Hope this was helpful...
  16. Man...There are some outstanding builds at this show.
  17. Oh yea...I see why you like that color. It looks awesome on the computer...I'll bet it's FLAT GREAT in person. Is that a factory color or custom blend?? Man...That will look cool on the bug...
  18. Good job on an old kit. This car looks ready to kick some serious ASPHALT!
  19. If it's a 2LT, he's lost. Great model, Ed. :lol: That's a perfect statement for one of those butter bars.....in the 7 yrs I was in the ARMY...I think I had dealings with maybe 1-2, 2nd louies that had their head on straight. All the rest didn't know Shine-ola...Got into a few disagreements with about 99% of them. Of course...me being the NCO...I had to give in..for that moment..that is...LOL
  20. That looks GREAT Ed. If that's a 2LT driving that car then he must be tote'n a General around.
  21. Great job on this very cool car. Your attention to detail is spot on Andrew. If this don't get a Podium finish at the NATS...then there's something wrong. Very good build.
  22. Man...in the second pic...it looks like an airbrushed mural paint job...That looks waaaay KOOL Joe.
  23. Dannnnng.....That looks GREAT. Are you going to clear it?
  24. This is really looking WAAAAY KOOL Joe. The stance is killer. All the smoothing you did on the body sure turned out great. If you didn't mention it before...what color did you have in mind for the body? This is very good and what is called a "BUILD"....for sure. All the fab work that you're doing is top notch bud!!
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