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  1. After posting '10 yrs in the pile of shame' thread I inventoried the rest of pile and here is what I found, some are almost 20 yrs old. I'm not sure what I should do with them. I know most will never have a second chance on my bench while others have been on the bench several times over the years only to be returned to the pile. So if you see something you like please comment or make an offer, I may or may not part with it, who knows you may have the fix I need to finish another one. pretty sure all the parts are here but it's a real basket case. I did finish this one, rescribed it, but the decals silvered so I set about starting a refinish and AMS took over- nuff said. Model kit from hell, this one has been on the bench several times worst kit I ever met. but starting to turn around. not happy with the finish and not sure why. oldest kit in the pile destined for the chit can. not happy with the foil work so far- it had a bad reaction the the base coat primer. these were going to be a birthday gift for my Trekie sister but they are crappy kits and I didn't want to insult her. just wanted to revisit a childhood build... I grew up and lost interest. lost interest. wet sanded through the paint on the hood, just need to respray it and move on with it. Started a rescribe and reworking the kit about 15 yrs ago and now with the GWH kit (I just turned in my IPMS review on it) it may never be finished. not happy with canopy issues. crappy kit bested by the newer Hasegawa kit. missing the engine compartment door. if you have for sell or trade let me know. at least 15 yrs in the pile just not happy with it and only held on to it in hopes that my modeling would skills improve. tracks are useless. gave up while reworking the landing gear, 90% rescribed. newest member to the club, just not happy with the colors.
  2. Recently I found myself digging through my pile of shame while doing a IPMS review, it is located in the darkest regions at the bottom of my stash closet. I keep my modeling failures in the hopes that someday I will have another go at them. Most arrive there either from a lack of interest, disaster or frustration. This one has been in there for at least 10 years (found a dated ticket for alclad with it) I had it 99% completed leaving just a few fiddly bits and the canopy to be masked painted and attached. I forgotten what it was that condemned her to the pile so I pulled out the box-tray to have another look, well it turned out that I had broken one of the segmented canopies, leaving only the one piece option. Anyway so that was it I guess. So then I finished her up in just a couple hours and I'm pleased that I finally completed it.
  3. I have the CA TA-4J half finished sitting in a box... it kick my butt and I gave up, even so I did not go after the Hasegawa offering. This has been a true confession of a compulsive limited run plastic modeler.
  4. do you have any reference photos you can share?
  5. Mark, for what its worth I built that kit a few times and personally I like it better than the old Monogram standby and ten times better than the newer Trumpeter kit. Hobby Craft has always been the redheaded step child and really never gets a fair break. Don't be put off by the negative vibes I won a few awards with redheaded Hobby Craft step kids err...kits. P.S. more pictures please.
  6. The tractor also came in the one of the R/M F-86D releases.
  7. Great model will be missed but not by me, I had problems with almost all my orders.
  8. It on the review boards- the photos seem to have suffered size reduction... but anyway its there.
  9. cleaning up the computer files today and found this video I shot awhile back on a test flight. enjoy. http://picturestable.shutterfly.com/85
  10. Keep an eye on the review section should come up soon I turned it in yesterday. I'm not finished weathering it but its fine as is for review photos.... Eduard 1/48
  11. Ok ok I know it's not PC to use anything but water based acrylic paint these days and I really tried to convert and haven't fallen off the wagon for a couple years but... I'm still hooked on the hard stuff... That,s right Lacquers and Enamels baby!! Anyway I wanted to do this one vintage old school for old times sake and there I was just sailing along in a fog dull-coat when OPPS... Awww-Shoot! Yep super thin dull-coat splashed on the wing... well I'm gonna try to fix it.. I got to it's a review... any tips?
  12. I really wanted to go... I'm glad you all had a good turn out.
  13. Mark A. Please feel free to upload these to wherever they may go. http://photobucket.com/Skycrane
  14. Wow that is sweet. Nice work for such an old kit and the cockpit is very cool.
  15. I custom made this 1/32 resin model for the current owner of 'The Little Witch' (my first Mustang restoration project BTW) I masked and painted stripes, checkers and spinner, Mike Grant did the custom artwork and decals. The Little Witch is a TF-51 and is fully dual controlled.
  16. what scale is that? Awesome BTW.
  17. Very nice and well done, I like it.
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