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  1. Dave thanks for the great observations, I will be repainting the figure to address Gill's input but I'm not sure how to do a dried hard dirt road (that was my attempt), as for the tires I agree they need something. I appreciate all the great advice.

  2. My pile of shame is probably larger than most people's stashes.


    Have you thought about moving the front idler wheel rearward? Much like actual tanks, track tension is increased or decreased by moving the compensating idler wheel. Break them off, drill a hole, replace the individual mounting studs with a straight metal rod or styrene rod and re-mount the idler wheels.

    I'll try it! I've three IPMS reviews on the bench that are almost finished and then I'll pull it back out and open a new post with it.

  3. next, the Hasegawa Typhoon, I've scratch-built the main gear bay added aftermarket gun bays The kit is a Super detail release and already included the old Jaguar resin set. This one has been on hold for several years. I just lost interest.post-158-0-02701800-1465657194_thumb.jpg

  4. Hey, am I the only one here that is guilty? I have several unfinished models I need help with and others I am willing to part with. I am attaching descriptions and photos of these kits, I have several and it could take a few days.


    first the Academy Sheridan, the rubber band tracks are too short and do not fit, it has been waiting for a set of Fruil replacements but I will not pay the outrageous retail price.


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