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  1. I hope someone will soon have a aftermarket pit for that kit.
  2. well I spend a lot of time with the ponies so that helps, but yes those excellent decals came with the kit.
  3. WOW- reminds me of something my wife once told me... " Oh my that is impressive"
  4. I really like the combo boxings. I just bought the Hasegawa Nick with the Fuel truck and crew boxing and both kits are friggen sweet, Plus I got a great deal on it. And a couple other great combo kits are the Pro Modeler F-86D and tug. And the Tamiya F-4U with tug. I would like to find the Tamiya FW-190 with the car at a reasonable price.
  5. Well I just finished building the staff car that came with the kit . What a prize this little gem turned out to be.
  6. really great job on the chipping and weathering.
  7. gotta love the checker tail airplanes. Great Job, Great story- keep it alive with honor.
  8. Hey IPMS Brothers, I wish you all the best. I'm humbled and will report that I used Alclad over Tamiya primer then a coat of future, decals, 2nd coat of future, detailer wash and 50-50 mix of Testors dullcoat and gloss coat thinned by half with lacquer thinner. After that process I accented with Derwent's pastel caulks. HTH, Greg. P.S. more details on this project posted in the ARC forum "critique corner" FWIW.
  9. Hey guys I gotta bail out and pull the the rip cord too... the more I look at this kit the more I want to puke. If anyone wants it they can have it for the 10 bucks I paid for it plus shipping.
  10. well I have inspected the contents of my box and found it wanting not sure how much I gonna feed her but as soon I as I figure out a plan of attack I will be posting.
  11. the monogram/revell/promodller kit is a beauty.
  12. can I join? I have the 21st cent corsair. Greg.
  13. GregWise

    Libery Bell 7

    Very nice indeed and a welcome change up in the forum. BTW how did you get your hands on one of these babies?
  14. small world- A buddy of mine also wants me to build the same kit in the same colors. I hope you plan on posting in-progress shots here. BTW after doing a little test fitting I don't foresee any major problems.
  15. This was the first TF51 Mustang I helped to build - finished about 5 years ago she was a 4 year project. After we did a prop change for her new owner- I went along for the test flight piloted by ex Air force commando Col. Eric "HOBO" Huppert. videos Little Witch and Hobo
  16. Very sharp! the only comment I can suggest would be to set the canopy down on the fuselage.
  17. GregWise


    I vote that someone please delete the first 9 post by Ron about the corsair panel line leaving the one that has had activity.
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