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  1. GregWise

    Fury WIP

    it's about 5 yrs old now but its the old Kodak Z740 easyshare.
  2. GregWise

    Fury WIP

    made new canopy/windscreen, bits and pieces
  3. GregWise

    Fury WIP

    Daniel- the tape has beeen sealed in a thin coat of CA glue and represents a attachment cover. Gil & Glenn- The intake would not fit and was not IMHO worth the effort. I used lead 'tape a weight' see picture below. Dick - I'm not sure on how to submitt a article for the journal but I would be more than happy to ... s**t I would like to get in on the freebees handed out for doing reviews. Ha! Rossjr- the canopy looks like a old pepsi bottle from 1963. I'll post pictures when I do the fix. Chris so far the biggest problem was the fitting the resin gearbay into the wing. After looking at a few online builds I decided to approach it a little differently. I basicly cut out a rectangle around the opening (bottom side of wing) the plastic is very thick and sanded the ++++ out of it untill it was thin enought to pass as the metal skin and glued it back into place. Gap filled with CA then I thinned down the resin itself and only then did I sand down the upper wing. I plan on adding a little more plumbing and clean up work. I will most likly rebuild or scratch out new gear doors as they are totally missing the inner details. Pitot tube picture included.
  4. GregWise

    Fury WIP

    This is the Grand Phoenix kit (1/48) I still have lots of work left to do I plan on detailing the rear cockpit deck and I need to figure out what to do for a replacement canopy. So far I scratched out a FOD cover for the intake to hide the nose weight, added guns and pitot tube made from hypodermic needles, fabricated a new IFR probe and removed large sections of plastic just to fit the beautiful resin parts.
  5. I can't understand the fanaticism over the Nazi subjects. Manufacturers in the end always seem to bend over backwards to appease this group regardless of how minor the offence. I only wish modelers could show the same type of enthusiasm for the P-51 Mustang arguable the greatest fighter of WW2... I don't get it. Example- the crowd on the dyperscale forum tossing their lollipops in the dirt to get attention seems to work... I guess. But these same people will toss you under the bus for busting Dragon chops on their POS Mustang(no amount of aftermarket or scratch building can save that debauchery)... Amazing . In the end I will buy the Eduard 109 and big flipping deal I'll may even spend the extra 2 dollars for the the squadron replacement canopy... whoopie . To the folks at EDUARD- Mustangs Please we will not complain or cry if it is half as nice as your 109.
  6. Gil, Nice work on that oldie moldie -still one of my favorite kits warts and all.
  7. Nice work- interesting scheme.
  8. Good stuff Gil! hope to see more soon.
  9. Wowzers! What a beauty. The rescribe really paid off.
  10. Great looking builds! Very nice workmanship. Comments... few points to consider when doing another P-51D the- top engine cowling panels are two pieces (right and left sides), the canopy should rest on the fuselage and ETO mustangs did not use the long wire. Anywho congrats on a awesome pair of fine looking Mustangs.
  11. Steve - That is one sharp looking Mossie.
  12. Now that is just plain cool.
  13. 1/48 Tamiya Do 335B-2, built out of box only added seat belts. I used Modelmaster Acryl paints. any comments welcomed, enjoy
  14. Hard to beat a P-40 for being one of the most coolest birds of WWII, Nice choice using a RAAF scheme.
  15. we sent TF-51 Little Witch and Doc's FM-2 Wildcat.
  16. GregWise


    very cool subject. nice work.
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