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  1. GregWise

    LVG c.VI

    That is incredible.
  2. OH yeah !! I've almost bought that kit one time but I thought it was a little pricey... that was a moment of insanity. Looking good so far.
  3. Incredible. she is gonna be a real beauty.
  4. GregWise

    Fury WIP

    well she is still on the bench... now placed behind a 1/72 revell schnellboot, 1/48 CA TA-4J Skyhawk, Tamiya F4F Wildcat and a nearly completed Hasegawa A6M-3 Zero (all of which have been doing the workbench shuffle). The windscreen was compromised by a faulty masking job and now frosted...on the inside...and I really haven't got the stomach to redo that work. I really need to finish up these projects before I pull out any more.
  5. I'm glad you like the Mig. I used the kit scheme and decals the information they provide on this Mig reads- Soviet Air Force , Korea 1953. :) This MiG-15 with five kill markings in the form of red stars was flown by Maj. Nikolay Shkodin, who flew with the 147 GIAP in 1953.
  6. ... well the map maybe cool (I thought so too) but it altered the coloring of the mig and also made it hard for the camera to focus in on the mig. Then again I used a old Kodak Z740 I also shot pics with a white backdrop and it made the mig look way to dark while the blue backdrop seems to offer the best photos in terms of what the subject really looks like.
  7. Clare- it's the trumpeter 1/48 kit. Gil- The trumpeter kit has a few deficiencies in kit design while the tamiya has it's problems in accuracy. I chose to delete alot of the problems by not useing all the 'extras' included in the kit. That said I wish I would have went with an aftermarket pit. Dude-I used the base and layer style painting and Gunze Hobby Color paints. Thanks Guys- Greg.
  8. just finished this beast... the Fury is still on the back burner.
  9. WOW what a show stopper!! She is a real beauty.
  10. that is flippin cool!
  11. GregWise


    I have the same kit and also bought one for a buddy of mine who I know is scared to death of it. Maybe this will show him what a beauty the kit really is.
  12. Interesting scheme. And nice work.
  13. Bun- I just painted a trumpeter 1/48 mig 15 I'll post it when finished. as for the journal what kind of article and who would I submit it to?
  14. GregWise

    By Request

    Glen - yep its the good ol monogram F-106 kit rescribed.
  15. GregWise

    By Request

    hey Glen I found this one
  16. GregWise

    By Request

    Freebies of my favorites.
  17. GregWise

    By Request

    First my old Squadron VF-171. A F-4J as they appeared when I first laid my eyes on them as a young sailor. 1/48 Hasegawa w/shitload of scratching and aftermarket. Sorry Glen only one photo handy. Next up F-8 also 1/48 hasegawa lots of corrections, aftermarket and scratching fun build she took 3rd 2006 Spacecoast IPMS 'Modelfest'.
  18. weedeater- sharp eye! I have knocked that rudder off at least 1/2 dozen times one more time aint gonna hurt. glenn- here are a few comparison shots... sorry I ebayed my last P-47.
  19. David- it's the 1/48 Eduard kit. Gil- I used the CMK interior set that included resin horizontals w/separated elevators, gear doors and a beautiful pit enhanced with the kit supplied photo etch. I replaced gun barrels and pitot tube with hypodermic needles I also drilled holes in the proper locations for the added gear retract cables(most people mistake the small oval panels inside the gear bays). Glenn- I'll shoot some comparison pics.
  20. a needed break from the fury.
  21. Gil- Nice work as always.
  22. GregWise

    Fury WIP

    painted, decaled, futured and ready for more bits and finish coat. Daniel- I just set it on SCN. sometimes I use the timer which I did not do with these 2 pictures.
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