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  1. Five P-51's, Three F-84's, two skyhawks, two Zero's, two A-20's and two Macchi's in the display case all the rest are one off's.
  2. I probably built most of the 352 Blue Nose Bastards of Bodney But they are scattered across the country.
  3. Nice work thanks for sharing.
  4. Nice work. How did you like the kit?
  5. Nice work.... Pssst... hey thats a P-51B
  6. nice work, I have the same kits.
  7. I would mask the props when painting the yellow tips for a cleaner demarcation line and maybe weather the LE prop blades. Nice work.
  8. GregWise

    AmTech P-40

    yeah the mud tires are cool. thanks for sharing the eye candy.
  9. I hope you will do a inprogress build here on the forum.
  10. Gotta love the Saber. You done it justice.
  11. Nice work. I like the choice you made on the scheme.
  12. Thanks for the input guys. Captian Marian E. Carl VMF-223 Guadalcanal 1942 flew the cat and the Zero was a unknown unit- Rabaul 1943
  13. WOW Thanks for sharing it here. I would have never seen it on Hyperdyperscale.
  14. And her friend the Hasegawa A6M3 type22 Zero. I started this one after I started the wildcat- I did the Mig, Rata, and Corsair before returning to this one and finished it before the cat.
  15. the Wildcat has been stewing on low for the last couple of months and I did manage to click off a few inprogress shots.
  16. nice work so far the multi panel effect worked well.
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