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  1. nope- box number 1386, includes tank crew figures.
  2. Picked up this kit in a package deal, And I'm really not a armor buff, but my stash is growing. If I build it I really would like to use a decent set of aftermarket traks and other bits if the kit is worthy. Or should I use an alternate kit If I'm going to pop on extra aftermarket stuff for my futureTiger project. Thanx.
  3. very cool- I really like the Heinkle
  4. 5 color camo and you kicked its ass! looking good so far!
  5. GregWise

    Me 262

    I used the Aires wheel-bays and cockpit, The Quick boost engine (undersized nightmare) and a beat set of Aires slats.. all the slide arms were busted off I filed out all the notches and replaced them with scratch made ones. the pitot tube was fashioned from hypo needles. Decals from spares folder.
  6. GregWise

    Me 262

    finished last week just in time for the Orlando Modelpoloosa. I used the 1/48 tamiya kit plus resin aftermarket and basic scratch building fundamentals.
  7. I really like the new web page format. I understand and appreciate all the hard work.
  8. Looks pretty good by George! Those squadron vac canopies are a pain in the A$$. I've always have trouble with them but if you manage to get em on right they are a big improvement over pop bottle canopies.
  9. I built this one from a hobbycraft kit using the kit decals.
  10. Wow thanks for sharing these interesting photographs.
  11. Did he call me Greggy? :D Ok Gil it's on LOL.
  12. Thats funny I'm building the Hasegawa kit and did the same thing with the nose weight. On the other hand I've built several of the Eduard 39's all of them had the nose weight included IIRC.
  13. that p-38 belonged to Lefty Gardner.
  14. GregWise


    Looks promising, I'll be watching for your review.
  15. on a scale of zero - ten your zero is a ten
  16. Appears to be moving along nicely.
  17. yep. sorry I couldnt resist. the Aussies flew BMF spits.
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